Something You Might Have Noticed In The Gintama Poster

I know I sure didn't earlier this week. But did you? If not, look closer, and maybe you can put your finger on it.

[Image via Hayabusa]

Still no? OK, via Hayabusa, this will point out the mistake.

[Image via Hayabusa]

Yep, actor Shun Oguri's hand has six fingers on the poster.

The actor doesn't actually have an extra finger — not that there is anything wrong with extra fingers!

[Image via narinari | PR Times | Hizen]

But maybe in the movie, hero Gintoki Sakata does? Or, at least, the Photoshop of him.

The live-action Gintama movie will be released in Japan next winter.


    When you look at the poster properly, you can see it is just the angle of his hand and not a finger.

    Seriously? The so-called first finger is clearly just part of his hand given the way that he's holding his sword (with his hand bent sideways). Go ahead and try the pose yourself with a broom handle or something, you'll see that it's incredibly easy to replicate.

    Finger number 2 seems a bit too long for that to be his pinky finger (On most people, it's about 2/3 the length of the ring finger). I can see how the left side of the pic could be his hand, but the finger seems too long. Could be wrong, of course :-) The world will keep turning either way.

    Last edited 11/12/16 12:48 pm

      The other fingers are bent and the pinkie finger is straight, so from the angle of the camera it looks longer

    Spot the REAL mistake with this article...

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