Sony Just Announced A New Way To Play Card Games 

Sony hopes to change the way kids play card games with its newly revealed Project Field. 

Project Field uses a specially developed Sony pad with smartphones or tablets. It's outfitted with an IC reader, sensors, LED, and Bluetooth so that the pad can easily connect with tablets and smartphones that are running the corresponding Project Field games.

[Image: Sony Japan]

Players can move their cards on the Project Field pad, and their movements with correspond to in-game actions. While similar technology has been used in Japanese arcades with IC-based card games for years, the addition of tablet and smartphone functionality put a new spin on the tech, creating what looks like a new experience.

[Image: Sony Japan]

The first Project Field title is a Yo-kai Watch game, allowing kids to have their yokai cards duke it out. 

[Image: Sony Japan]

No word yet on an international release.


    This could be cool, but I wonder if it willl it only work with Sony tablets n phones. Hope not (for their and my sake), as it will cut out a major part of the market. Including me, sadly. I had a Z2 til about 5 months ago (for a whole 2 weeks :/ ), when i stupidly left it on the bus and hadn't set up the tracking feature yet. Pity, it was a damn good phone.
    Sorry for the rant, my caffeine overdose is just kicking in!

    I doubt it, they know they don't have the market share and presumably wanna make money on the new tech.
    Reckon it will be compatible with pretty much everything, like the second screen thing with the PS4

    reminds me a bit of eye of judgement, which was underrated as a game at the time it came out.

      What I really want to see is an Eye of Judgement + PSVR combo, so that all my friendos can get together online to play Pandemic and stuff without having to travel for hours.

        Tabletop Simulator + VR?

        Last edited 08/12/16 1:39 pm

    Now all you need is a holographic projection of the action occurring in the game and you'll be done.

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