Supercut Jeff Kaplan Is Making Overwatch Great Again

Image: Supplied

Jeff Kaplan has done a lot of explaining on camera about Overwatch, and the community has been grateful. Very grateful.

One of the consequences of explaining Overwatch patches for hours on end was the fact that the internet now has a massive bank of video and audio of Jeff Kaplan saying anything and everything about Overwatch. So as a parting gift to 2016, YouTuber dinoflask has produced a supercut of the Blizzard veteran outlining some Overwatch changes fans would really like to see.

"If you play Hanzo in a competitive setting, your player level will be reset and your PC will light on fire."

Brilliant. Dinoflask's previous supercut is also fantastic, so check that out.


    "Turrets replaced with little McCree's that scream "It's Midday" every 3 seconds"


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