Surprise, Age Of Empires 2 Just Got Another Expansion

Surprise, Age Of Empires 2 Just Got Another Expansion

It’s the game that seemingly never dies.

If anyone asks you which is the best Age of Empires game, there is only one answer: Age of Empires 2. And while there might be the odd few (hello Hayley, Tegan) who stridently defend Age of Mythology, it’s Ensemble Studios’ second game that gets the most love these days.

It’s all thanks to Skybox Labs and Hidden Path Entertainment, who produced the superb HD re-release of Age of Empires 2 all the way back in 2013. And ever since then, AOE2HD has gotten a string of updates, ranging from brand new fan-made campaigns, to UI fixes, multiplayer improvements, optimisations for modern operating systems, and more.

And if you’re a fan of the franchise, happy days: you’re getting even more content. The developers announced Rise of the Rajas would be launching on December 20 (probably December 21 local time, though) with four new civilisations, four voice-acted single-player campaigns, a new map type and some balance and performance fixes.

The latest patch notes, including the balance tweaks, are outlined in full on Steam. Rise of the Rajas isn’t available for pre-order yet, but you can read about the new Vietnamese, Khmer, Malay and Burmese factions on the store page.


    • YOU WOULD LEIGH! I’m ashamed to say I only ever played it once :'( Liked it, but the family pc back then couldn’t handle it.

  • Is it ever gonna get Xbox achievements though? At the risk of being “that guy” (which I totally am), it seems strange that Microsoft would continue to tout this high end shift of Xbox to a service (cf a product) and UWP without giving one of its most popular first party titles an overhaul.

    Don’t mind me … I loved GFWL more than anyone else on the planet (admittedly, not a high threshold to meet) and Phil Spencer’s move into PC Gaming tickles me in all the right places. So for a guy who has forsaken Dishonored 2 so he can play Alto’s Adventure – the prospect of AoE2HD achievements gives me a George Constanza movement.

  • why no love for AOE III and all the expansions. that was my favourite to play. dont get me wrong i played a lot of AOE 2 as well and its definitely a good game.

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