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    I booted up black ops on the wii yesterday, and it had more players online than battleborn!

    My favourite version of cod too, lots of waggly fun, has way cooler dogs than Riley.

    I finished Zentatta, but I'm on Mobile and too lazy to link it. It's on my twitter.

      That's wicked. Nice work!

        But is it 4-5 months worth of nice work?
        I'm going to take a break before I start on the next one

          It's not quite my thing, but my Mrs does cross-stitch which takes months to complete something like that too. It's well worth it in the end according to her.

          Also, you'll have to forgive my ignorance as I haven't been following the project, but is that an actual window?

            No, it's an illustrator artwork. It's designed to be a poster.

            Plus, you've been around Tay enough that you should know I always have many projects going on. So many projects =P

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    Started Pokemon Sun after not having played Pokemon since the Yellow Cartridge.

    Really enjoying the experience.

    Just pondering if it is worth my effort to try and bring my old Pokemon across. I even have Mew and others.

      From an original Gameboy? Or from the DS Virtual Console version of Yellow? Unfortunately you can't bring Pokemon over from the Gameboy. My Mew and living Pokedex are stuck there forever. =(

        Why yes, I do speak of the old GameBoy cartridges.

        I actually collected some of the other games for laughs but never got to playing them. Not to sound sill by it is there a way to migrate Pokemon from the old cartridges via the other DS games?

        In the very least, I'd like the critters on flash based memory and not the battery based version in the original cartridges.

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          There are ways to transfer from everything except for Gen I (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow) and Gen II (Gold/Silver/Crystal). Those generations have remakes with FireRed/LeafGreen on the GBA and HeartGold/SoulSilver on the DS so technically you can get those Pokemon from the correct region. If you've got an original DS you can transfer from Gen III (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen) to Gen IV. Once you're onto the DS/3DS you can transfer cart to cart but you need a second DS and you have to pass them through a game from each generation (so HeartGold to Black to XY). I think in all cases you need to have beaten the league champion. It's a long and frustrating process when you're trying to play catch up.
          If you're only after a handful of Pokemon you can resort to various tricks. By messing with the DNS settings on your DS you can convince it to connect to a bootleg server, where you can generate a Pokemon online and pass it to the more recent older games (I think it worked with Black/White). That'll let you skip a few steps on the transfer but it's not very satisfying to cheat and get Pokemon you didn't have. I did that to bring over my original Bulbasaur.

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            OK, I'll give the idea a miss then. I only have up to Pearl which is where I stopped.

            And I will admit, I got my Mews (you read right) from a friend who used the old trick of unplugging the Link Cable before the transfer completed.

            Got four from him and all he wanted was all three legendary birds and I threw in a Ratatta to balance the numbers.

            Don't get me wrong, I am fond of what I have but at the end of the day, they are just data. They don't breath like the very real cat that is sleeping on my bed right now.

              I got my three from the original event (three carts) which sort of makes them special to me, but yeah, it's way more trouble than it's worth. I was tempted to get the Virtual Console versions so I could get a Kanto Mew but it's not really the same.

                I used the same cart 3 times and got 3, haha. Loved Pokemon Yellow.

          I'd not played since giving up halfway through Ruby, iirc, and came back fro X/Y, and looked into it then.

          You can (with the right tools) migrate anything from GBA onwards... A DS-Lite with GBA and DS cartridge slots will let you transfer from the Ru/Sa/Em/FR/LG games to Di/Pe/Pl (iirc), then you can transfer from Di/Pe/Pl to B/W 1 or 2, from there to X/Y via the Poke Transporter, X/Y to the Poke Bank and from there straight to S/M, from what I can tell. They said something about making it a bit easier, but haven't really looked into it recently.

          I had plans to try to get all the starters from every generation into my latest game, and found some good deals on the old ones on eBay... but for some reason trading on Black requires beating the elite four, so kinda stopped after getting halfway through Black. It's a lot of work, even if Black is the best game of the old gens.

            Definitely giving up on this. While I do have the hardware I don't have the time. Maybe that is why my memories are so fond; the battery almost makes them finite.

      It won't help with your OG GB carts, but there are apparently plans to update Pokemon Bank to work with the VC versions of Pokemon R/B/Y, which will be awesome. At least you can chase Pokemon from the original games and shift them via Pokemon Bank to the newer games.

        Don't know if they still make these anymore but I am tempted to take a gamble and get the GameBoy adapter that lets one copy the contents of the cartridge to the PC.

        Don't know if they are even still made anymore though.

      This is mostly for laughs for @dogman, @os42, and @ynefel

      While looking at my DS pile of shame (I actually have one for each platform, gah!), I found my copy of FireRed hiding in it.

      With work being quiet I fired it up ..... on my GameCube connected to a Onkyo Amp and an 60" 4K TV.

      Not the craziest thing I've done; I connected an Atari 2600 to it last year for sh*ts and giggles, :-P

      That aside, it is nice to go back the original formula even though there are some tweaks and changes to make it compatible with Ruby and Sapphire (at the time).

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    Mornin' TAY. Pretty chill weekend, cooked some delicious ribs on Friday, finished The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks and played some Civ VI and Don Bradman Cricket 2014.
    I'm mostly having fun with Civ VI. The game is far more involved in the first 100 turns that previous iterations, as the barbarians are far more threatening and the AI does have the occasional tendency to rush (and cities are far weaker, so that's a threat too). I've always enjoyed Civ the most when I can science-rush my way to gunpowder and use that sudden tech jump to start a domination victory. That seems a whole lot less certain in Civ VI, as I've been stuck without niter on quite a few occasions, even with a reasonably large empire - that's a worry, because it's down to the RNG whether or not you get access to those strategic resources and, if you don't, you stuck with crossbows and pikes.
    I was lucky to find DBC14 sitting in a bargain bin at EB last year for $5, it's always fun for a few games. Picked up the career player I was using last year and player a bit more of his first English county season - expecting selection for the next Australian Test team with my first class bowling average of 8 and batting average of 55. Jeez, the IRL team could do with that guy.

    Bleh. Woke up at 3am due to the accursed heat.
    Now I feel all yuck.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Busy weekend. Gave blood Saturday Morning, then made my way to Supanova to sit on the stand for the Terry Pratchett fan club. Had lots of people coming up to chat- lots of people saw us and went "OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE A THING" which was nice. Talked a lot about the Australian Discworld Convention, which is next August in Adelaide, which you should all come to

    Went out Saturday to a buck's show, drank and danced until about midnight then decided to be responsible, because Sunday I was back on the stand again. Sunday was a bit of a drag, less overall traffic and the whole pavilion it was in got a bit warm and humid.

    Because I shouldn't be allowed to have money ever, bought a book and got it signed by one of the authors there, and also bought some dice including the funky metal level up dice I looked at at PAX. It's one D6, probably over paid, but it's about the only thing I "collect" on the basis of just acquisition so I rationalised it.

    Vidya games, played a little Dishonored 2 on Friday, cracked the riddle to open Jindosh's lock in the Dust District. Felt really smart. I found laying stuff out in a logic puzzle grid like this was the best way to go, then just trying a couple of iterations helped a lot. Still going to explore the rest of the level to get dem runes.

    Also, finally finished the first season of iZombie last night. What a great show, but then again, I loved Veronica Mars so I'm hardly unbiased.

    A monday morning question: Are you coming to the Australian Discworld Convention? @tigerion need not answer :)

      That reminds me, when I gave blood on Friday there was a poor first timer there - he was in his school uniform, he was in the chair when I went in for the interview and still there once I finished donating. Bleed faster, guy.

        Ooh, Fresh Blood.

        I give platelets/plasma, so I'm always in the chair for a while, but I'm told my platelet cycle is fast by their standards (50 minutes) because I have a super high platelet count, which is also the weirdest compliment I have ever received

        Hehehehe. Used to give blood before I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (the medication rules me out).

        But back then I didn't have a car so I had to walk from the bus stop to the centre. So I got some exercise and it speed up the donation process, :-).

      I really want to! Terry Pratchett's books (haven't read all of them yet, don't hate me) was some of the first books I read fully in English and am very fond of them (First ever book was the Wee Free Men, because the Nac Mac Feegle are fucking amazing) and since been going through (slowly) Discworld starting with Colour of Magic.

      Unfortunately, while I enjoy them, i'm terrible at remembering many of the situations within the books so I never come off as a "proper" fan :P

        You should come! There'll be lots of things to engage with at the con that won't be "I am a super fan" level

      The answer is Probably :)

        Given I know you and Anton are connoisseurs, there is a wine tour planned for the monday as well (at cost)

      You always make me feel bad when you tell people to go give blood. I can't because I always have low iron. D=

        Sorry. My intention isn't to make people feel bad, but it is to jog people who can give but don't into action.

          I haven't looked into platelet donation. I probably should. I used to donate but fell out of it when I started the whole parenting thing. I'm healthy again, but getting into the mobile locations is so much harder than it used to be because they don't have enough staff to handle walk-ins.

            I get free parking for 3 hours in the city when I donate, so it's a good excuse to go in and go to nerd shops.

          I know, but I would like to donate, but can't. D= I don't have much money, and I don't have much iron. I just can't do anything ^^;;

        Low iron isn't a good thing. Have you had it checked out by a doctor?

          Yeah, I get it checked pretty regularly, like between every 3-8 months, depending on if I feel really tired or not.

    This new Pokemon game is really fun! I spent about 10 hours playing it over the weekend, which is unusual for me when it comes to a new game; I generally take things slow with the games I play. Having said that though, I know a few people who have already beaten the game. Now Pokemon games are never really difficult, but the sheer number of hours they sunk into it over a weekend is insane o.O The characters this time around actually feel like characters for once, instead of blank mannequins that spout semi-useful information rather flatly, so I don't mind that there are way more cutscenes than usual in a Pokemon game.

    So besides that, I also went to a Smash Bros tournament again yesterday, and I got rooooolled 0-4 in my round robin pool. I played better than usual though, since I took games off players I had never beaten before, but a 1-2 loss is still a loss!

    And now I will melt back into my bed because gosh it is hot today in Sydney.

    So much Minecraft this weekend... Playing a slightly tweaked version of FTB Infinity LIte (added in Psi and a couple of little utility mods), fiddling around with Blood Magic, Mekanism and Psi. Have a fairly basic ore-tripling setup (want to upgrade it to quadrupling, but that's a lot of effort and I'm not really hurting for resources yet), a chest-piece that will give me Regen II for 2 seconds when I take damage (and occasionally murder me horribly), and I'm now at the point I need to start killing withers and visit the End to progress... but I want to find some better armour first (also, have no idea where the ender portal is :P).

    My Blood Altar is coming along nicely - the addition of the incense altar makes filling it much easier than it used to be, tho the process of making runes to upgrade it is still pretty dull. It's at tier 4, so next step requires four beacons... hence I need to kill some withers. Might have a look at getting a couple of sets of living armour - one for combat, one for bloodletting.

      I... built a Wooden Ship once...
      Then Steve-o dropped a bucket of lava on it...
      I'm good at Minecraft!

        I started playing way back in the 1.6 beta... but found the progression really shallow, so I'd end up making a world, getting diamond tools within a couple of hours, building a small wooden house and... stopping until the next patch. I never felt a reason to build anything complex - why build a huge impressive mansion when there's nothing to put in it? Then I discovered the modding scene. The Technic pack for 1.2 consumed a couple of months of my life, during which I built a nuclear reactor deep underground and used it to power a huge factory that processed the output of an automated mine.

        I'm not really too creative but I love the logistical nightmare of automating everything, and making a building that can contain it all (hell, in 1.2 I tried to organise the world - to build a massive sorting system that would put each and every item in the game into its own chest in a giant vault - which turned into building the same redstone circuit about 120 times, so it never got finished).

        I've found Blood Magic to be pretty cool as a "build huge, cool-looking things" tech-tree, too - gradually building an altar with very specific structural requirements with an appreciable power gain at each new tier, going from just the blood altar block itself to this... It gives Minecraft a bit of much needed structure, at least for me.

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        That's okay. Remember someone was stalking Steve-o and was freaking him out

    I'm very swiftly starting to play Titanfall 2 more than BF1.

    The UI in BF1 leaves a fair bit to be desired, plus the rubberbanding I get semi-regularly is annoying, and it's really difficult to get into an Operations match (or so I've found...)

    Where as Titanfall 2 has the networks feature with chat rooms, so I can typically "Invite Network" into a match and fill up a "Mixtape" lobby pretty damn quick (though they're 12 players vs 60+ in BF1). Plus the progression/levelling in TF2 feels a hell of a lot better than BF1.

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      Ok that is the first time I have seen the TF2 acronym for that and realised it is going to get annoying real fast

        Hahaha, yeah, a few people on Reddit have said the same thing. Only time I use it is in context, having used the full name earlier in the paragraph.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm AEST, 8pm ACDT, and 8:30pm AEDT. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    The redcaps have been slain and Abelas has a new cap. What next for the Monday Knights?

    Let me know if you guys can make it tonight.

      I'll probably only wear said cap to antagonise further redcaps.

      Though they did kick the shit out of me.

    I played in my first X-Wing tournament on the weekend. I didn't place very well but I wasn't dead last and I only made two huge mistakes, so I'm pretty happy about that. I used Biggs a bit too aggressively in my first match so he died early instead of tanking properly, and in my third match I had a chance to block the main ship in my opponents squad in a way that would have resulted in half his points flying off the table, but instead of a hard left it I accidentally put a hard right on the dial and let him through.
    On the plus side even though I screwed it up being in position was more than a fluke. He made a big mistake by forgetting that I could deploy my shuttle so it was mostly on him, but I recognised that thanks to the low pilot skill on my shuttle it could deploy and land in a spot that would block the only place his ship could move. Nothing super impressive but it's a move I wouldn't have picked up on a week ago.

    Aside from that most of my problems were with target priority and going up against better, more focused lists. I think with a bit more hands on experience I can improve both my target priority and my squads ability to do it's job against stronger lists. Really looking forward to playing tomorrow with the new batch of refinements I've made to my squad.

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    Today's the day! *check's EB's postage tracking - attempted delivery failed, redirected to Post Office.* ... Tomorrow! Tomorrow's the day!

      I finally got package #5 from the other week's order today. Though am now waiting for a sixth one that I had to ring up an SA store for, after those items got cancelled and ship-from-store got turned off :P

        When I put in this preorder, "Pickup from store" wasn't even an option, and there didn't seem to be a way to change it easily afterwards. If they'd told me they were going to ship it from QLD, I'd have cancelled the preorder and just picked it up in the store on my way home on Friday.

    Shut-in weekend. Didn't get to sleep at all Friday night for some reason, then spent most of Saturday taking advantage of the Overwatch free weekend. And the rest of the weekend :P

    Ended up with somewhat of a frankenstein setup - rather than using my Xbone controller or even bothering to attempt mouse and keyboard (yuck :P) I fiddled around and got a setup going with my dual joysticks. Had those running through TARGET to act as a single stick, which then ran through x360ce to act as an Xbox controller, meanwhile I had the game running in 3D Vision's red/cyan mode and was wearing the glasses inside my Rift while playing the game on a huge virtual screen :P The colours made it kind of hard to see things properly (tried using colourblind settings for a bit but they only helped so much) before ditching it and going back to flat play. Really really wish it was in 3D though. Also despite not actually being VR, I kept finding myself turning to look to my side whenever I heard things there :P

    But yeah, I still have little idea what I'm doing but I'm somewhat competent now. And after giving the sticks a -2 s-curve in TARGET I've mostly killed the inbuilt deadzones the game adds to the right stick input on its exponential settings so can actually do fine aiming, though there are still some small zones there so may have to try -3 as well. Lv23 I think, I like most of the characters except Genji. Though don't think I've tried him again since fixing the joysticks, that helped overcome my dislike of Tracer who I can now use without just dying constantly. Still undecided whether I'm actually going to buy the game at the end of all this :P It's very addictive and I can easily waste forever on it, though I don't know that I would lay down $90 for it. Also feel like I probably more enjoy Splatoon still. I dunno.

    Also continued to message convo with Setup Girl through Sunday, successfully showed off Zangief without scaring away so things must be alright.

      I enjoy both splatoon and Overwatch. Overwatch has pretty much filled the gap that splatoon left.

    This tiny Noctua low profile cooler I got for my NAS/PLEX Server is awesome. I added an 80mm Noctua fan to the case because I noticed airflow kinda sucked it's running at 1200 RPM & the CPU fan is at 1800 RPM I haven't seen the CPU get any hotter than 32°C at idle and low 50's at load and it's all whisper quiet. So nice.

      Which one? I've got an old desktop PC that I built up as a file server, but it's horribly loud and runs hot as hell due to 9x 1TB disks in it.

      I'm tossing up saving for a HP Microserver (so I can play around with VMware & iLO etc at home) or just going for a Raspberry Pi with external disks so I can have a really low power NAS device.

        The cooler? Is the NH-L9i for an Intel socket, there's also an AMD one, there's cheaper low profile coolers out there that are just as good like the Cryorig C7. But I just like Noctua lol.

        The 80mm fan I got is an NF-R8 Redux, picked it up for $12 off eBay from some person who didn't want/need it. Wish they had more cause that was half price and it's brand new heh.

        Edit: I should clarify I have that cooler on a Skylake i3 6100 so it's only like a 54w chip lol.

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          Ahh, right, I think mine's got like a Q6600 or something really old in it!

            Ooh yeah, that was a pretty good CPU back in the day and tbh it's still relevant today for budget gaming funnily enough. But yeah, that low profile cooler wouldn't be able to handle the 105w that CPU puts out sadly.

    *ahem* Today's the day! Also, screw this heat.

    Also also, I think I've figured out how I'll be able to kill some withers with a bit of prep work - just need 15 stacks of obsidian, 13 stacks of iron, and 13 stacks of coal. Hardest part will be getting the skulls... but Looting 3 is easy enough to get, if I can find a couple of diamonds.

    Overwatch weekend over, managed to get another few hours in this morning. And then it seemed to go an hour later than expected. Meant I got to hit lv30 before it ended, woo :P

    Now I've got one friend who added me for a couple of this morning's matches, and Wingman's looking to get it after giving up on the PS4 version. And they've got the game down to$54 til the 28th. The temptation to continue is strong.

      You should commit, you won't regret it. It's the first game I haven't gotten bored of after a month or so. I have put in at least 10hrs a week (usually more) since the game was released and still going strong.

        Given how much time I pumped into it over the weekend, I may just regret it :P

        Also I just found that x360ce has an anti-deadzone setting. Now I feel like I need to buy the game just so I can play it with "proper" joystick sensitivity and see how I go.

          Haha nice! I was initially going to play it with the Steam Controller, but wanted to put in as much time as possible over the Stress test weekend and the Open Beta and didn't want to learn new controls. So I ended up just getting really good with mouse/keyboard and that's all I use now. Then again, I play mainly DPS so really need the control that the mouse gives me.

          And never regret! You had fun, that's all that matters!

            I've never liked mouse and keyboard, but even on top of that I have two keyboards and mice in front of me and the games machine is the rear set, so I don't really have the physical space to try playing that way :P I used the controller when I tried out the beta for a bit and didn't really have the time to try and fiddle around with getting alternatives to work, but did a little searching in the lead-up this time and had stuff prepped. Definitely feels like I can be much more competitive than I could with a straight gamepad last time, and ESPECIALLY once I took steps to kill those massive deadzones. Seeing kill cam footage from other players though, I can't stand how jittery the movement is with mouse controls and don't know how anyone manages to see anything. I've never had motion sickness from a flatscreen game, but that seems to come close.

            But yeah. Next step in alternative running would be to try figure out how to get it to run in side-by-side 3D :P

        Wait, when did you get back in TAY?!
        HI, BUDDY!

          Hey man! Long time no speak! I'm not really back as such. I still lurk on Kotaku a lot, but work doesn't give me much of an opportunity to jump in here. I had some free time so jumped in.

          How are you going?

    Okay so I leveled the floor in the Kitchen. Huzzah. I have hurt so many things doing so though. ^^;; Now I just need to replace the flooboards, lay the masonite, add the edging and do all this around the plumbers as they fix up the pipes tomorrow.

    I had an awful weekend.

    Family stuff. Complicated and sad. Struggling this week.

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      :( that's not good to hear, i'm sorry. Here's hoping things improve for you soon!

      Sorry to hear! :(
      Complicated family stuff always suck!
      You know that if you need to vent/talk about stuff you have people to lean on! :)

    This is mostly for @weresmurf but other Trekkies feel free to chime in. And truth be told I did try to post this shortly after the Web site changes but I think both attempts became trapped in indefinite moderation (I’m not even going to bother to see if I’m wrong).

    And no, this time I’m being nice; I'm not stitching you up this time like before, Weresmurf.

    So far, I have finished season 4 of TNG but I have seen the first six movies and a mix of the Original Series.

    One element has had me pondering for a while now. Data is often saying he lacks emotions, etc. But the more I watch, the more I’m convinced he's actually the opposite.

    Not to sound silly but I think from the get-go, Data has in fact had emotions. What he lacks is the ability to understand and process them.

    Sorry in advance if this is answered in a later episode but it doesn’t hurt to share ideas at times.

    Anyhow, I think it best if I keep to the episode order.

    First case in point is The Naked Now, effectively a remake of the Original Series episode, The Naked Time.

    In both cases there is a contagion that (long explanation short) has an alcoholic like effect on everyone. Including Data!

    For a long time, I though the contagion was simply causing shortages in Data's brain but having recently seen the TOS episode I’m not so convinced.

    In one scene, Spock is seen crying as he wrestles to keep is emotions suppressed. His control over his emotions has been weakened.

    And I think the same happened with Data. Just recently, ATi was caught red-handed for using software hacks to hide extra regions of memory on their new line of graphics cards.

    I think Data's creator, Soong, did the exact same thing and the contagion (for a short time) allowed access to regions Soong tried to keep hidden.

    The next hint is in my favourite episode so far, The Measure of a Man. There is a huuuge hint here but I'll go with the minor one first.

    The bulk of the episode revolves around Data going to court to fight disassembly. To paraphrase his objections; Data is not convinced that if his head is disassembled and put back, he would still be there.

    Now, if Data had no emotions he would just run on logic and probability and maybe even allow the disassembly.

    But no, he may have not admitted it out right but Data expressed severe concern that something that cannot be measured would be lost if they pulled his brain apart.

    But even dismissing this, there is still the big hint.

    Near the end of the trial, Picard opens the bag Data packed earlier when leaving the Enterprise. The items include a book, service medals and (most of all) a hologram of Yar.

    There is no logic to this; Data was emotionally attached to her. No amount of logic would have ever reached an endpoint of him keeping it.

    The next hint I see is in Legacy where Yar’s sister talks to Data.

    The interaction sticks out to me as Data admitted he noticed her absence. Seriously, unless there was some form of emotional attachment, Data would not have been able to feel (no other word for it) that absence let alone describe it.

    The next hint is in The Offspring. If I may digress, while not my favourite episode it has my favourite line:

    Commander Riker? May I ask just what your intentions are with my daughter?

    HAHAHA! Someone finally put No-Pants Riker in his place, :-P

    But back to the topic, the overall premise is Data creates an android of his own (in his own image) called Lal. Near the end, she develops emotions and her brain shuts down due to being unable to process them.

    Here's the kicker though; her brain is a copy of Data's. If he didn’t have emotions then it would have been impossible for them to develop in Lal unless he took his own design further but the episode clearly states she's at best a copy and if not that a sub-set of Data.

    Post is running long but I'm almost finished.

    Second last hint is in The Most Toys. Kidnapped by a obsessed collector, Kivas Fajo, Data eventually tries to escape with the help of an aide, Varria.

    Unfortunately, Fajo finds out and corners the two. After killing her and claiming her blood was on Data's hands, Data looks ready to retaliate but is beamed back to the Enterprise.

    Once onboard, Chief O'Brian remarks an inconsistency in the beam. O'Brain claims the weapon Data is holding went off and Data claims it to be a mis-fire.

    Mis-fire my foot; if O'Brian had been a few seconds late, Data would have shot and creamed Fajo. He was than enraged.

    But the biggest hint of all comes from Brothers.

    In that episode, Data is influenced by a homing device to hijack the Enterprise to another planet where Soong is waiting for him.

    To Soong's surprise, Lore shows up as well and it is the interactions between those two that pretty much confirm Data having emotions.

    Lore is older than Data but as his emotions developed and Lore became resentful of Soong, Soong shut him down.

    Soong eventually states that he activated the homing device so he could install an emotion-chip (salvaged from a PS2, jk, :-P) into Data before he (Soong) died.

    During the conversation though, Lore kept pleading with Soong, "Why won’t you fix me?"

    Notice the keyword, 'won't'.

    Personally, I think Lore was never broken but misguided. And he became misguided when he proved too much trouble for Soong which is why Soong shut him down in the first place.

    Again, I still have a lot to view but from how I see it rather than guide Lore though like a father would a teen through puberty (seriously, is there any difference in Lore's emotional state and most teens?), Soong used the off switch and made Data who had emotions but he (Soong) had any ability to know of them and understand them removed so Data would be far more convenient to Soong.

    Anyhow, phew, at the end of my theory. $5 says it will all be busted two TNG episodes later but hey, food for thought?

    Last edited 22/11/16 6:11 pm

      I always had the theory that Data had the capacity to function with some emotion, even a limited range, without his full knowledge of doing so. Due to Lore's ability to do so, I felt that Data must be able to, as Lore had an 'emotion chip'. I believed Data had access to this as well in a more primitive form that at least allowed him some basic semblance of it as well. I do understand the writing on STTNG while good, was never what I'd call consistent and never reached the consistent levels of DS9 (which itself, was never greatly consistent either), and gave its characters 'abilities' or 'devices' based on what they needed to do each week (Hey look what Odo can suddenly do this week!). Data was the same, this week he suddenly learnt to do this, this week he can suddenly float, this week he suddenly is heavier than a 10 tonne tank, this week he can shoot lasers out his butt etc etc (ok maybe not the last one but you get it). But all up, I do think too that he had some basic ability to process emotion, he just never could get it functioning correctly, but you'll see why by the end of Descent in season 7 :)

      Last edited 22/11/16 6:32 pm

        this week he can shoot lasers out his butt etc etc (ok maybe not the last one but you get it)

        TNG Season 3 special feature; blooper reel showing Data as he discovers 20th century anime, specifically the works of Dr. Ozamu Tezuka, :-P.

        he just never could get it functioning correctly, but you'll see why by the end of Descent in season 7

        Might be a while. Call be insane but I'm taking a break. Four seasons in around three months. That's a bit of a heavy binge. That that is not just TNG. I've seen some TOS and the first six movies.

        I have seen a certain DS9 episode which I think you can easily guess based on my earlier post.

        Side note, I'm not playing around. Ozamu Tezuka was actually a fully licensed doctor and held a medical license.

        Which certainly explains why all the AstroBoy reboots while configured to certain environments had some sense of anatomical correctness that may have worked in the real world.

          No doubt. Early, early Astroboy was *the shit* and wouldn't be aired today. I still remember one particular episode, where a teenage boy thought he was human, only to find out he was a robot. He grabs a razor and slices his wrist, only to see no blood, just rubber skin. Back then it was everyday, but I showed my son and he was mortified. Imagine that onscreen now.

            Early, early as in the 1960s?

            Same story was played out in the 1980s series but yeah, the fun police and anti-imagination squad wouldn't allow such things today.

            Sorry, didn't see the last part about your post. Apologies in advance if I'm going to far asking this but is your son OK?

            No lasting effects I hope.

              Yeah, he got straight back to watching Ash Vs Evil Dead after that LOL

        Yeah. As fun as theories are there were writing issues with Data. The absence of emotions only really applied when they were making a point of him not having emotions. The rest of the time he was making decisions that were motivated by emotions but it flew under the radar because we think of them as logical reactions.

        Still a great character though. When you're doing stuff that explores humanity the way Star Trek did it's so handy to have character that can question the stuff we all understand. Data being not just emotionless but young and curious meant that he could ask questions that a Vulcan couldn't. A Vulcan can't ask 'why are you sad' at a funeral because they understand the concept already and even if they'd rather not be sad. Data on the other hand can ask anything.

      This is what happens when I don't read TAY, I miss a discussion on one of my favourite shows of all time. Are you watching the original TNG or the digitally remastered episodes? Normally I'm not big on remastering (thanks George Lucas) but they did a great job with the TNG remasters for the Bluray release.

      I'm also doing a TNG marathon at the moment for probably the eighth time, using the remastered release as an excuse. And I also happen to be at the start of season 5, funny how coincidental that is.

        Yeap, it's the BluRay release. Finally got a working set after the forth try. No joke, the first three had a different bad disk each time and when the forth happened I simply got another copy of Season 4 as I had given up finding a complete working set.

        I also love how they basically rebuilt/recomposed every episode using fresh scans from the raw materials.

        Though DS9 and Voyager may not get the same treatment as apparently they used more CGI and allegedly the source computer files are either unusable or have been lost.

        TNG didn't escape either. Some scenes are still upscales because they couldn't find the raw material at the time or the footage has been lost. And the crystal entity had to be redrawn as nobody saved the source computer file. Owch!

        But overall, I'm enjoying the 'journey' and to keep it fresh I have been bounding between it and the original series (actually helps put some events into context).

          Side note, S5E2 (Darmok) is one of the best episodes of the entire series. If you haven't seen that one yet, I think you'll like it.

            Saw it, liked the idea where something stumped even Data and the universal translator (formerly known as Google Translate, :-P), but I still think The Measure of the Man is the best.

            Basically watched eight episodes of TNG yesterday (more on that in a sec) so I'm up to Season 5, Episode 10 but I might give it a rest after that binge.

            But I had the time to do so; I pretty much have only the one client and said client is based in the US. I got all the current work out of the way before the Thanks Giving holiday started so I ended up with a quiet long weekend that I rounded off with a TNG binge, :-)

    I've been playing Sunset Overdrive. I have a few gripes. Combat can be difficult. Trying to shoot the OD while moving about so much is bloody hard. Even worse when it's scabs.
    The vat cooking segments are tedious at best.
    Other then that, I've been really enjoying it, especially the humour.

      Try increasing the controller sensitivity and using blast-y type weapons. Shotguns, bombs, etc allow you to be loose with the controls which is a lot of fun. The deployable stuff can be cool too.

        I have been trying to use the flaming compensator and TNTTeddy more

    It's taken me 2 bloody weeks to get over this gorram PAX Pox! And I still have an annoying persistent cough, so i've really been slacking off with my running :(

    On the plus side, my SKL/BLT build in Bloodborne is going great! So much fun getting to try out new weapons I never paid any attention to on my first playthrough (Rifle Spear is deceptively effective). I'm aiming to end up with the Reiterpallasch (or Rakoyu but effort!) in the end because I like to play around with the melee/gun combo weapons. Good fun.

    Only just got to the
    Forbidden Woods
    As I have been really exploring all the little areas around Yharnam. Such an amazing place to move around in.
    Onwards, good hunters! Go out and kill a few beasts, It's for your own good. You know, it's just what hunters do!

    Aside from that, I've just been cruising around the galaxy in Elite (Really liking space trucking again for some reason, while listening to audio books :P) and Fallout 4 has been beckoning me as well for some reason so slowly moving through that as well.

    Hope everyone else is going OK too?

      Still coughing with the PAX Pox here. Been able to do slow parkruns and that's about it (#97 this weekend!)

      I've several paths open in Bloodborne at the moment, but I haven't played a lot lately, because Batguy has been playing Dark Souls 3.

      But last encounter was

      Darkbeast Paarl

      And I reckon I can take him in less than a dozen attempts, then back to the

      Shadow of Yarnham

        Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl. Use fire damage and a weapon with a blade, not a club weapon like the tonitrus.
        and the Supremes! My advice: Gank the mage first, keep mobile, get the pillars in the level between you and the fireballs, and divide and conquer.

          I have a nearly maxxed out Axe - I nearly got Paaaarl on my second attempt, so spin to win should work fine. I'm struggling a bit more with The Supremes because the spin attack is a bit too slow with the three enemies. That one is just going to take more work, I might actually learn how to pull off the one-two combo with the pistol and one-handed axe. Unfortunately it's such a long way from the lantern, it takes sooo long just to get there.

            Pretty sure there's a shortcut you can open that leads to a lift near the lantern.

              Yeah, got the shortcut open, and there's a point you can jump down, but it's still a snake-laden hike to the boss :P

                I seem to recall a gate near the boss you could open. I also recall running through the woods to get there.

                I'd kill Paarl first anyway.

                Also, sing out if you need a jolly cooperator.

                  I will probably be up to this area tonight, so indeed sing out!
                  Also @redartifice, we will need to organise another night of trying to take on that bloody parent-less child! I just need to get up to that part again (my old hunter is now in NG+ and haven't even made a start yet)... But i'm keen on getting that guy taking down for you.

                Yeah from memory there should be a way you can take where you just pass 2 pigs and you're there... I'll have to check tonight :P

          Hypogean Gaol still has one of my favourite atmospheres in the entire game. The Snatchers, the music, the creepiness of the unseen village... SAH GOOD!

            Oh my yes!

            The music has such a big impact on the atmosphere - it's so dark and foreboding with the chanting that when you finally break through to Paarl and it's silent, it's a relief!

              The detail about the chanting I love the most is that it get's louder/quieter as you move around the gaol.
              Like there's an actual choir in there somewhere chanting away... so eerie

            I still remember the first time I came up against Gascoigne. Was my first real 'OHSHITOHSHITOHGODOHFUCKOHGODOHSHIT' fight, and the music for Gascoigne is just incredible. Made the whole fight an experience. Still my favorite track off the OST too, which if you don't own, you need to own. Right now. It's gorgeous.

              You may not have seen this mr deletes-his-twitter-every-ten-minutes, but

                NEF APPROVED.

                I'm still..... around. I have TAYbies on Steam/, so I'm never far away.

                In the bushes....

                At your windows....



                EDIT: Had a quick browse at Twitter in general, without signing in.


                *remembers why not on Twitter, returns to desk, content.*

                I fucking miss you guys, but I just can't handle the fuckery that inevitably filters through, somehow.

                Last edited 23/11/16 1:14 pm

              Soundtrack is god damned amazing...
              Although, I have a sweet spot for the "First Hunter" track.
              Seriously made the entire fight with Gerhman such an emotionally loaded experience.
              Ludwig the Holy Blade is such a strong piece of music!
              But yes, Gascoigne's music is top ace as well.

              Last edited 23/11/16 12:55 pm

                Apart from it just being an amazing core game, the visual design and soundtrack really just completed it as an overall experience. I still tout it as my top PS4 title.

                Also picked up the Bloodborne Official Artworks book a month or so ago. It's in Japanese, but has English labels for things as well - it's gorgeous. Recommend it - picked it up off JP Amazon for like $60 delivered.

          I found I went for angry sword man first. Just pillar the mage's fireballs while you're doing it. He's easy to maneuver because he pretty much chases you incessantly. Parry/visceral him down, the go for mid/flamethrower guy, then mage last.

          Sword guy makes life difficult when he's just charging you constantly, but he's insanely easy to parry.

          Last edited 23/11/16 12:34 pm

    Awesome, my 6100 which only lasted for about four days when I powered it up again the other week has now made it through an entire week before dying.

    I logged into the XBOX store to check the FFXV release date, but ended up getting distracted and buying a bunch of Black Friday sale games. I'm such a sucker... =(

      Ugh I know right. My wallet has gone as far as Wasteland 2 on PS4 so far, but I imagine PSN has a new sale upcoming.

    Plumber couldn't come today, resheduled to Friday. It gives me a chance to lay some of the floorboards.
    Also, Melbourne weather is insane. 22, 38, 17, 16. That's the temperature of the last 4 days. And it rained most of Yesterday. Silly weather.

      Melbourne weather makes me happy. It's unpredictable, and utterly insane at times, but I love it. The variety can be fun.

        Normally it doesn't bother me, but it was just extra insane

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