Target Is Selling The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Again On Monday

Target Is Selling The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Again On Monday

If you missed out the first few times, this is (probably) your last opportunity to snag one before January.

Vooks has reposted screenshots of Target Australia confirming with a customer that the next round of Mini NES consoles will go on sale from 8:00 AM AEDST (7:00 AM in Brisbane, 6:00 AM in Perth, 7:30 AM in Adelaide).

Target’s supposedly recommending that users create an account with their online store since it’ll be required to complete the purchase.

And – as always – the purchase won’t be finalised until the payment is complete. Make sure those credit cards are ready.


  • The ebay listings for this thing make for interesting reading.

    There’s plenty with the receipt in the shot used in the product display.

    You actually see how much they are gouging you.

    That’s something, at least.

    • I laughed. Mostly because I didnt see wallet get much say in the matter either…

      Wallet: Dont I get a say?

      Brain: No
      Heart: *sigh* No

    • I have been pondering that of late. Nintendo keeps providing limited stock yet Pokemon Sun and Moon have a surplus.

      The manufacturer of games and gaming devices seems play some funny games if its own.

        • In the news yes, but for all the wrong reasons.

          At the same time, this is not really new.

          When I was a teen, Pokemon was new and to cash in on the anime they made the Yellow version.

          A pretty much was it the exact same thing as we are seeing now. The game was popular and stock hard to come by.

          It got even more ridiculous with Majora’s mask. I had some birthday money so during one Christmas season I tried to get a copy. Understandibly due to sales I didn’t expect many copies to be around but this is where it just goes nuts.

          It turns out many retailers only got single digits in terms of stock in the lead up to Christmas and to make it worse they didn’t get the expansion back needed to run the damn game and had been out of stock for months!

          It wasn’t until April in the following New Year I got one from Myer. They only got two units and were the only people who got the unit in my area.

  • After owning a NES, many, many years ago. Why would I ever want to go back to that? Do not get the overboard reaction to this. Esp when every game can be played on emulators for zippo. I get that it’s a mini NEW and cute and ticks all the boxes for flames of youth, but really? The games on offer are so very tired. Please, everyone, let them stay in bed!
    Yes it has 2 Zelda’s and the 3 Super Mario games, but other than Metroid and Castlevania, they all stink real bad.
    Excitebike – more like Shitebike – and I bought that peice of filth!
    Ghosts and Goblins – good luck in getting to level 3!
    Gradius? Where’s Salamander?? So much better game.
    And that’s my highly inflated 2 cents worth of gripe unburdening!

      • I understand the nostalgia effect. I owned one. But, never want to go back. If there was a better selection of gems and perhaps more third party, rather than Nintendo property it would have been much better.
        I am making a Raspberry Pi table over Summer. Hope to have a flip down screen and two sets of controllers with 6 buttons. Hopefully will look like a very big DS.

    • Firstly, not everyone owns/owned a NES (my parents always saw consoles as a waste of money so I never had one) so there’s that.

      As for the emulator, people bring this argument up everytime, the fact is emulators suck compared to the real thing. They are laggy and often don’t even get the same picture quality that the original console had (be it NES, SNES, PSX, whatever). The Mini-NES has been tested to run almost perfectly like an actual NES though, better than any emulator available.

      • What sort of second hand misinformation are you spreading about emulators, please stop it now. Firstly take a guess what VC games are doing on Wii/Wii-U, they are emulated….. What you might be talking about is the 10+ freeware NES emulators floating around might not be upto scratch on certain titles, maybe… but when I was into emulation back in the 2000’s I never had any issues, only a slew of positives (save states, enhanced graphics, filters etc etc). There is also zero lag, so I am finding it hard to believe you’ve actually used a NES emulator on a PC before.

        The best part about your dislike for “Emulators” is….. The NES Mini is an emulator 🙂
        People have done comparison videos on the NES mini’s emulation vs Wii-U’s VC emulation and have found some differences.

        The point is that if you want to go old school purist, then grab a CRT, grab an original console with a bunch of cartridges and have a ball. Anyone who’s buying third party hardware, VC games or a NES mini doesn’t have a leg to stand on when they say “emulation sucks”.

        • Yeah alright I could’ve worded my other comment better as it obviously is an emulator. Also I never even mentioned the VC but as you mentioned yourself though:
          People have done comparison videos on the NES mini’s emulation vs Wii-U’s VC emulation and have found some differences.
          That’s because the VC, like all emulators have a higher amount of input lag than the original – this also applies to the Mini-NES. The Mini-NES isn’t perfect but it is the best (closest to the original) around.
          Obviously an actual NES would be better than any emulator but it’s not exactly easy to find good condition NES consoles (+games) at reasonable price anymore.

          • A arm a7 4core with a usb control is as close to the original as a pi or even a mobile phone.
            The 2 main factors that lead to input lag. Which is the control interface and the screens delay are both present in the mini uses a usb interface and a digital output as a pc does. It’s no better than a good emulator. Original systems didnt suffer from the display input lag as they were crt’s. But being made by Nintendo at least you shouldn’t have any emulation issues. They are usually pretty good in there testing.

      • Well there is your mistake right there. I chose to only let my body mature, not my mind so I still have my childhood sense of joy, :-P.

    • I want one as a christmas gift to my parents, who are in their late 50s/early 60s. And I know for a fact they would absolutely love one.

      The NES is the last of the few consoles they played, and was the first console I played.

      The NES came out 30 years ago, so people who played it in their 30s would be in their 60s now. You’ve got to realise, the NES mini isn’t just catering to current gamers, who grew up as kids playing the NES, but to a much wider demographic. People who haven’t/don’t play new gen games, people who aren’t tech savvy and can make their own emulators.

  • It’s the “perfect” toy gift for younger audience. I want to buy one for my lil cousin. The game selection is good enough and tries to cover multiple genres which had an impact on the system.

  • I was super keen to get this but then I thought “Hey I have a Raspberry Pi” So installed RetroPie and WOW. Best games machine I ever brought and for 1/4 of the price. Not to mention all of the other consoles it can emulate. It’s pretty easy to get a Raspberry Pi case too to look like a mini version of the console you want (Or just 3D print it).

      • Not saying I agree or disagree here. But granted even with the ‘fair dealing’ policy and 47C of the Australian copyright act its pretty draconian in this area. As it was written long before the Internet was a thing. Thankfully this is currently being reviewed and in part will address archived digital content (such a roms) to be more ‘fair use’. Something we get confused about here in Australia as that policy is yet to apply compared to America.

        Then again can’t say I’ve seen anything here in Australia where someone’s been fined for downloading old roms that would otherwise be unavailable, let alone a letter from an ISP regardless of ownership.

  • The second websites started posting about it, I stopped thinking I’d get my hands on them. Advertising posts by gaming sites about the restock guarantees more often than not that the site will be flooded, then scalpers will take the stock.

    I’ll wait till 2018 when the second hand market will be selling them for $50 cause the hype will be gone

    • The times mean nothing anyway.. if it’s like when they put the Pokemon 2DS up, they put it up 2 hours earlier than they said they would and the scalpers cleaned them all out.

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