Teen Titans Now Young Adult Titans 

Here is some excellent Raven, Robin and Frodo Baggins Beast Boy cosplay.

Nearly all the costume work across all three characters was done by Ginger Armadillo, who is also cosplaying as Raven.

"My goal, as it often is, was to introduce details, textures, and elements of realism to the costumes, while maintaining the visual integrity of each character" she says of her work on the costumes. "I also strove to find a happy balance between the original comic book versions and the TV show characters."

The group photos below were taken by Elite Cosplay, with the solo shots of Raven by John Kim.


    Raven is hot.

    Last edited 12/12/16 9:29 pm

      Seconded. I like how they managed to get her cloak to float

        I'd say they employed the nifty trick of having her jump

    I'm always astounded how people cosplay like this, Like my god the effort. I couldn't even do a good mario.

    Last edited 12/12/16 9:43 pm

    I'd like to spray my load on her boots, I get the feeling she'd enjoy that too

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