Tell Us Dammit: Christmas Parties

After a long, long year, our office is finally going to celebrate today in the fashion that many offices do - with a Christmas party.

So I want to hear from you: what are the best, and worst, Christmas parties you've ever been to?

For most of my professional career, Christmas parties were an awful time. They were badly organised, poorly run and it was being done in the context of a toxic environment - so nobody was having fun, even when management was trying to give them the space to do so.

Since coming to Kotaku, Christmas parties (the whole one that I've experienced) have been a different affair entirely. We went to a park, played soccer, lost the ball in the ocean nearby and had to, er, manually fish it out, and generally had a fun time.

But I've not yet seen anything particularly rowdy or anything nightmarish that would go in the bank of stories you tell at a bar, or at an event.

What about yourselves? What's the craziest, funniest, or weirdest Christmas parties you've been to, or things you've seen at a Christmas party?


    Best: Meal at a restaurant in an easy to get to location.
    Worst: Anywhere where you are stuck for hours without any option to leave. Fucking boats.

    I've only had the one Christmas party, just last year. So by default it's both the best and worst.

    But it was pretty great, I managed to avoid everyone I work with without even trying and then things went into overtime with one of the others and we ended up on kind of an accidental perfect first date.

    I worked for a company that had their Christmas party on a Saturday night, and didn't allow employees to bring their partner. I'd been working there for about three months, and the Christmas party was on my 30th birthday. My co-workers didn't understand why I had no intention of going and wanted to spend my 30th birthday with my husband, friends and family instead.

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