Tell Us Dammit: Hadouken Or Shoryuken

They're the two most iconic moves in fighting games: the fireball, or hadouken, and the shoryuken/dragon punch.

Everyone has their favourites - but which is yours?

The modern fighting game obviously doesn't work without both moves. The act of throwing a projectile, and having a tool for punishing the anti-air response, is perhaps the most core fundamental of how fighters has flowed for the last two decades.

But as an actual move: shoryuken every day of the week.

It's not as mechanically simple to execute, but it's more powerful in its effect. It's a punishment. It establishes your space. An effective uppercut teaches your opponent that they can't just float in with their fat feet whenever they want. It's a virtual No Fly Zone.

It affects your opponent's decision making. Fireballs are more of an annoyance: they're the thing you like to get away with. Also, not every character has one. But every character has some form of anti-air, and it's crucial that every character has some form of ability to protect, and assert its dominance, over the air game.

But what about you? What's your favourite - the fireball or the flying uppercut?


    Both wrong, hurricane kick.

    Pfft, best fighting game move is the double head-kick from IK+. So satisfying.

      Noice! We must be of a similar vintage, good sir. Successfully landing that against both opponents was pure badassery!

    Shoryuken, nice way to finish off a small combo.

    Have to agree on the shoryuken. Even though pulling off a super Hadouken is ten times easier, Shoryureppa on Ken is just a super dominant move :D

    Guido Hatzis - Backflip Kick Box to the Head

    Hadouken, though this would be much easier with a poll; with comments for, well, comments :P such as the ones above talking about other moves or elucidating reasons etc

    Flaming Shoryuken of course. Ken is the man.

    Anything Terry Bogard does is also good. "Are you ok? Buster Wolf!"

      Terry's OKAHY!, sure, but Geese Howard takes fighting games to the next level with "DIE FOREVAH!"

        I'm just now realising that I have a thing for 2d fighter character grunts.

        Hmmm... BERSERKER CLAW

    Yeah this is why I play Tekken where the moves bear some resemblance to martial arts instead of supernatural guff!

      I don't know, I must've missed the martial arts class that teaches you to shoot lasers out of your eyes to fight against undying zombie that brings a sword to a fist fight :)

      But come on! Even Tekken has the Wind God Fist, so it must be the Dragon Punch/Shoryuken

    When it come to the voice acting its either Kens Dragon punch on T.Hawk in the street fighter the animated movie because of the way he yells out"..Shoryu..ken!"


    Fatal fury the movie and the scene where Terry pulls out a surprise desperate 'Power Geyser' and clears the whole roof top..."Powaaaaaaa GYAAAAAAA!!!!!"

    I guess we logically all Hadouken more than we Shoryuken. But if I had to choose between the two, I probably couldn't.

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