Tell Us Dammit: Holidays

Tell Us Dammit: Holidays
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But what are you actually going to do over the holiday break?

As for me … well, I’ll be working for pretty much all of it. I’ll be off on the public holidays, spending some time with family. I’m looking forward to getting a good amount of sleep – for whatever reason, I don’t sleep well this time of the year. I think it’s a work thing.

I’ll also be preparing for CES in a couple of weeks, so I won’t really get time off until around February. I’m planning on going to New Zealand for a few days with my partner, which should be nice.

What are you doing over the holidays? Going somewhere nice, or planning to go somewhere nice?


  • I’m planning on doing what I’ve done for the past two Christmas’s. Tinker with Unity and try to advance beyond a ball rolling down a hill. Which, while its a perfectly functional ball, isnt very exciting.

    Also made a rogue-like game last year with Python. Looked a lot like Rogue.

  • first of all try save money otherwise its rice and beans

    then smoke and drink…. and eat… link steam accounts with my brother

    play X:3 AP
    do some C++
    some VR

  • Watching as many episodes of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow as I can. In order. There’s over 200 and I only started last night.

    Also playing The Witcher 3 and walking the dog. And drinking lots of Dr. Pepper.

    Christmas morning with the GF’s family, Christmas dinner with my family.

    …Back to werk. 🙁

  • Stay-cation for 2 weeks. Yes!

    Catch up on TV (Westworld, TWD, The OA)
    Catch up on Movies (Star Wars, downloaded stuff)
    Catch up on Gaming(Pile of shame…take your pick)
    And plenty of drinking, food, day trips with fams and I hope a sleep in or two.

  • My work is flat out during this time (Summer period is our busy time of the year) so I count down the time until June when I can actually have some time off…can’t wait!

  • Long service leave. Already had a couple of weeks in Europe seeing my old man (his 80th birthday!) and now chilling and catching up on Pile of Shame, some Destiny, and some Elite.

    So far in the Pile of Shame, I’ve started AC: Unity. Looking out for the notorious bugs, and already had my first buggy NPC – some guy ran into the crowd, fell down, got up and turned around to run away… but his head turned the other way to his body. Owl Man! 😮 Creepy.

    No doubt there’ll be cricket, and I’ll get out on the treadly a bit. Generally just relaxing and hanging out.

  • Doom is immortal. I’m going to learn more about how Doom levels are made, and hopefully make something fun myself. I think I have a good handle on the scripting side already.

  • I’ll be taking a little bit over two weeks off, and really nothing much planned.

    Moving house (to one with FTTP NBN, no less) and catching up with my best mate who’s on break from the Air Force.

    Other than that, I’ll honestly just be enjoying some time off, seeing people and catching up on my embarrassing Steam backlog.

  • I’ll be chilling like an Uruk Hai (not one of those orc maggots). Staying away from the sunlight as much as possible and drinking alcohol with blood in it.

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