The Best Cosplay Of 2016

The Best Cosplay Of 2016

There’s been a lot of incredible cosplay throughout 2016, but this is the time of year when we sit down and work out which of it is the best.

Considering there’s a new post there almost every day, that was a lot of cosplay to go through, but we’re pretty confident this is the pick of the bunch.

And yes, we tried to get shots that weren’t of Overwatch or Witcher characters. Tried. But this is The Year Of Overwatch Cosplay, after all, (and it’s always The Year Of Witcher Cosplay) so there’s only so much we could do. Sorry.

Cosplay by oldmasterluke | Photo by Jon Reino


Cosplay by gai_JRS | Photo by Mineralblu
Cosplay by Wayne’s Workshop | Gif via Kawin Wu Studios
Cosplay by Samus Cosplay | Photo by Cat Graphy
Cosplay by Vivid Vivka | Photo by Mineralblu
Cosplay by Hoku Props
Cosplay by Mathoz | Photo by Gautier Bld Photography


Cosplay by Rebecca Lindsay

Cosplay by Hannuki

Gif via Mineralblu
Cosplay by Kilory | Photo by ouzi
Cosplay by Red Rock Cosplay | Image by Martin Wong
Cosplay by Daniel Ramos | Photo by thecrashproject


Cosplay by Oshley Cosplay | Photo by The Will Box

Cosplay by Steven Scott & Mike Biasi | Photo by Mineralblu

Costume by GSTQ Costume Replicas | Cosplay by Miss Sinister | Photo by Affliction
Cosplay by Narga | Photo by KIRA
Cosplay by Leon Chiro | Photo by Dizzy
Cosplay by Isilmarille & Lapa | Photo by KIRA
Cosplay by Narcisse | Photo by Novii Photography
Cosplay by Shappi | Photo by Studio Zahora

And, last but not least, my personal favourite for 2016:


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