The Best Dang Steep Stream On The Internet, No Regrets

On December 9, Nathan Grayson, Chris Person and I walked into the recording booth at Kotaku’s New York headquarters to stream Steep, Ubisoft’s extreme winter sports game. Aside from the faulty controller, horrible accents and Cronenbergian horrors, it went pretty well.

We don’t all get a chance to get together in person very often, but when we do, the reasons why we don’t become readily apparent. This Steep stream is a perfect example of this. Why do I introduce myself as DJ Sexy Fahey? How does Chris Person clear my throat? How does Nathan Grayson manage to play just as badly as I do despite being a completely different person with much more hair? I blame our proximity-based hive mind.

Watch the video for a nice slice of the opening moments of Steep, my fascination with the way the French pronounce ‘game developer’ (dev-lopper) and other things we’ll eventually be pretty embarrassed about, probably.

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