The Best Way To Rewatch The Game Awards

If there wasn't enough snark in your video game awards, then perhaps this supercut will help.

It's basically a savage edit of the recent Game Awards, tearing everything to shreds except for Hydrobot. Because Hydrobot doesn't need any extra shredding. (Note: there's a "Metal Gear Solid" line from Snake a few minutes in that's pretty off colour, but otherwise the video is worth a watch.)

The zoom-in on that middle finger was a good catch. And the whole thing is a good indicator of what people don't like about video game awards shows, even if this year's Game Awards was a lot better than what previous years have served up.


    Oh, Keighley.

    I can't join in on the dog-pile the guy has always got, but I do feel the same way about most of the criticisms levelled at his output.

    Being a Nintendo guy more than a games guy overall I've had to look at his melon a few times, he's been a necessary evil of late.

    I have only had time to watch the Zelda thingy. That was awful. Still have many reservations about Breath of the Wild and I get he was probably trying to get the same vibe as the initial reveal with Aonuma and Miyamoto, but the footage shown was.......odd, to say the least.

    The fact this kind of spiteful garbage is celebrated and encouraged is what's wrong with "gaming culture".

    That was painful even in digested form

    This was made by 4chan, wasn't it? I'm reminded of some music video that showed up on Kotaku months ago, where the video has a racist caricature of a jewish person, which was also made by 4chan. The author of that article had to apologise, lol.

    Anyway, I think my point is, I just wanted to link this video IRT the offensive Snake line.

    On the subject of Geoff "Dorito Pope" Keighley, I read a thing (or watched a thing) recently which really turned the whole thing around for me. The idea behind having DORITOS and MOUNTAIN DEW sponsoring that event was so that big gaming companies like EA or Activision wouldn't have to. Cause if you had EA or Activision footing the bill, the whole thing would be biased in their favour, which wouldn't be good.

    TGA and this clip are both awful. That's all. It's the worst parts of the Oscars melded with the worst kind of sponsorship that manages to be incredibly uncomfortable for fans and presumably devs of games alike.

    Jesus, they had a section for the 'trending gamer' award with highlights of all the clips boiling down to how annoying each individual can possibly be in the name of 'entertainment'. I don't watch any of Boogie's content, who knows, he might be a nice guy, but if the highlight reel (and thus the implied, although not stated, reason he won said award) is him smashing some guitar peripheral into a drum peripheral isn't that just celebrating the most disgusting, pathetic and embarrassing aspects of the 'gamer' image?

    I knew TGA had a bad rap from previous years (I seem to remember a dubstep laden introduction to Reggie Fils-Aimé's speech for Iwata) but without watching one all the way through before I was actually embarrassed for supposedly being a part of the community that TGA was aiming at. The Shick Hydrobot thing was disgusting, but honestly better than the rest of the show, bar the games for impact award that was a human and touching moment sandwiched between piles of crappy advertisements and advertisements for crap.

    I feel dirty for even having watched part of the stream and I will not make the same mistake again.

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