The Highest-Ranked Overwatch Player Mains Roadhog, Suckers

Overwatch player Evermore is a one-man apocalypse. It's not an overstatement — he's the top-ranked Overwatch player, and, somehow, he got there with Roadhog. Evermore's sitting pretty with a capped 5000 skill rating he reached just hours after Season 3 launched.

Overwatch's Roadhog

Evermore is a Korean Overwatch pro named Koo Kyo Min of Team KongDoo Panthera and he's over 200 points ahead of his runner-up, a Zarya main. He's the first to reach the 5000 cap and boasts an unimaginable 89 per cent winrate.

I always believed in you, Roadhog. You're the best little piggy.

Here's the kicker: Min's Roadhog has dirt objective time, indicating that he's playing a straight flank, hook and shoot tank. The secrets to his success, according to his stats, are hook and gun accuracy and staying alive. From his stats, Min isn't the perfect picture of a team player, and yet his win rate suggests otherwise.

It looks like he's plucking off enemies from the periphery to clear the path for his team. It's an individualistic playstyle often frowned upon in the community. Check it out:

Blizzard recently adjusted its Skill Rating system to ensure that higher tiers aren't overpopulated, like they were in Season 2. Initial skill ratings are on the lower side. So, Min's rank-capping is all the more impressive — so it seems.

That said, on a Korean forum some players are accusing Min of gaming the system. An article by InvenGlobal suggests that he queues in Competitive "mostly as a 5-man with other KR Top 10 players, such as tape2, order, Luffy, and EFFECT," adding that "Many are in doubt whether Blizzard's current competitive ranking system is accurately reflecting & adjusting for skill gap disparities." Only time will tell.

When Roadhog's hook gets fixed, we'll see how Min fares.


    The problem here is that he's also playing up in a tier where people actually play properly. You cant play flanking roadhog when you're the single tank with no healers. You cant play flanking roadhog when your Reinhardt continually charges at the enemy and dies. You cant play flanking roadhog when the rest of your team consists of Genji, Hanzo, Widow, Torb and Symmetra. You can try and play flanking roadhog when your team refuses to push and just sits at the stupid choke firing into the enemy Rein shield, but it wont work...

    He should be played like that because he's a beast in that role, but you need a team that can support it and in most ranks in competitive, you dont get that.

      Yep which is why the "Skill Rating" is a load of crap, it doesn't matter how good you are if your team sucks it will penalise you. A system that is normal for Comp shooters I know but would be nice if Overwatch broke the mould.

        It's telling that this guy plays mostly in 5-man teams with other top players. That pretty much explains the win rate. Win rate plus his KD ratio (based on survivability) is most likely responsible for the top rating. Interesting that number two player is a Zarya main.

    There's also the case that Roadhog is a character with very little weaknesses. Easy to beast as a character who in general will win most engagements unless changed with environmental factors.

      Roadhog has plenty of weaknesses. His heal roots him for two seconds, and no armor or shields. So at worst a player has to do 900 damage to him. 300 of that he only gets while not fighting back and being rooted. He only has 4 shots per reload. Tracer can whiz around him, he can be sniped unless he is constantly zoning himself out of Line of Sight, McCree and Soldier can outrange him, etc. Camm. Shuuushh.

      It's true he'll win close-range one-on-one encounters against most opponents but crucially needs to get a hook on them. If the hook fails, it's usually curtains for Roadhog because of his slow fire rate and low ammo count. His large size also makes it super-easy to target him from a distance. If he fails to hook his opponent he'd better hope he can duck behind some cover or that a team-mate is around to save his bacon.

      Mei can so easily wreck him without trying, hit four shot is hopeless around a quick moving enemy you gets literally in face.

      You guys really need to learn the difference between no weaknesses, and little weaknesses. Even against many of those characters listed, Roadhog is in with more than a fighting chance, or can escape.

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