The Internet Reacts To The Hollywood Naruto Movie Announcement

This should end well. Over the weekend, it was announced that Hollywood is moving forward with its live-action Naruto.

[Image via LeeTen is Canon]

Michael Gracey first made his name in visual effects and is currently directing The Greatest Showman with Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman.

As ANN points out, Lionsgate secured the film rights to Naruto back in 2015.

Here is said pre-production concept art:

As with most Hollywood films, just because it's in pre-production, that doesn't mean the movie will be shot and released. Thankfully.

That being said, here is how some folks are reacting to the latest announcement:

Here's Reddit (click the image's upper left corner to expand):

And NeoGAF:

[conversation continued in the image below]

[Thanks, Edward!]


    If the movie is decent then that means it's already better than the source material ;P

    I will reserve my judgement... but if I hear there is even one flashback in this movie. Im out! #nofiller

    Let's wait till the actors and Scarlet Johannson get cast...

    ...then we will see a few Tweets, I mean, see the Internet react.

    Unless 3/4 of the movie is flashbacks it will be nothing like the anime.

    The first Neogaf post gave me AIDS.

    The incredible amount of racism under the surface of that post is overwhelming, like my feet after work.


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