The New Death Stranding Trailer Is Pretty Awesome

Mads Mikkelsen's is in it. There's strange looking babies and the whole thing is just creepy as hell.

According to Geoff Keighley, the game is running at 4k on a PlayStation 4 Pro in real time.

It also features Guillermo del Toro shuffle running. Great stuff.


    Creepiest shit I've seen in a while, interested to see some more.

    Found it pretty boring, to be honest.

    Plus I read an article on polygon about how game awards will try and show more gameplay and less cgi, but then they show cgi here for a game that's really very early in development.

      Except it was an ingame engine, running in realtime. Not pre-rendered cgi.

        Sorry, yes that was mentioned.

        I guess my point was that it was a cinematic and not exactly gameplay.

          It's fucking two years away and people are excited for a Kojima game. You'd prefer what, nothing?


              Then don't watch the trailer idiot.

                Bite me.

                And loosen up. It's a video game and I just said how I felt about the trailer. I am not sure how exactly I have offended you.

                  You didn't even realise it was in engine lmao.

                I think I did explain what I meant.

                It was not gameplay. It was a cinematic. And more importantly, I said "I found it boring" and that is a personal opinion depending on my likes. So please relax a little. Why so judgemental?

                N I could not reply to the last comment so putting this here.

      It's Kojima-san though, so I give him a pass since they needed to make up for the injustice of last year.

        Andrew House is going to get an invoice from Kojima Studios for Mads having a $13,000 haircut one day and he is going to sigh, then pay it.

    "Oh yay! Finally some new info on this title!!"

    *watches video*

    "...I know just as much as I did before :( "

      Well now we know Mads Mikkelsen is in it, unless that was already known by everyone except me?

        We all decided it was best not to tell you until you were older...

    So intrigued. Spoiler tags in case people don't want the trailer spoiled (if people care about that kind of thing?)

    I'm getting some sea creature pollution vibes from the two trailers so far. Hard to tell if people, machines and sea creatures are being infected by this weird oil stuff, or maybe pollution has lead to the evolution of these freaky sea creatures who are now coming to land to infect and control humans and inanimate objects. Cool little touches like the oil coming out of the plane engines and all the wires connecting the soldiers to the sea creature tank monstrosity.

    Love the direction and art style. So unmistakably Kojima.

    Ah, so it WAS Del Toro. What does that mean???

    This trailer was missing something: The music. "I'll just keep coming" or whatever it was was a real important bit of the first trailer, and this one had nothing until near the end.

    Mads looked very Kaecilius-esque.

    Last edited 02/12/16 2:46 pm

      Thought they were having Mads do a Ciri impression at first.

    I have NFI what is going on, but I sure as hell am intrigued!

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