The New Forza Horizon 3 Trailer Is Really Bugging Me

Forza Horizon 3 is set in Australia.

Last night I sat covered in an obnoxious layer of sweat, being ravaged by mosquitoes.

Forza Horizon 3 has a frozen lake.

But that's not what bugs me about this new trailer.

Because I'm sure there must be a frozen lake in Australia. Has to be. People go snowboarding and shit in this country. I'm certain if you get to a certain point above sea level there's gonna be a frozen lake somewhere, at some point in time. I dunno if I'd happily drive my car over it, but sure. Suspension of disbelief. Whoo hoo!

No, that's not my problem.

My problem is the snowman. At 21 seconds some goddamn tool drives through a snowman AND DESTROYS IT. In slow motion.

What an obnoxious, pointless act of destruction.

That snowman shouldn't have gone out like that. It's bullshit. That Snowman deserved to slowly melt in the sun. He deserved to become slushy and anemic before devolving into a pile of water and carrot on the front lawn of the child who spent hours building him.

But nah, some douchebag in an overpowered car just drove through it like a complete bellend.

What else did they wreck? A fence, some blue poles. When will the madness end?


    I'm pretty sure to "slowly melt in the son" is prohibited by both the laws of man and god :P

    Last edited 14/12/16 9:29 am

      Just laws of man unfortunately. :(

        Not sure if the unfortunate emphasis is on the inclusion in the laws of men or the omission from religious dogma

    Because when I think of Iconic Australian Landscapes, I definitely think of snow.

    Where is this expansion supposed to be set anyway?

      Looks like the entry to Thredbo with less Hyundai i30s slid into the ditches after not putting chains on...

    It's actually a saltman, not a snowman. Lake Eyre DLC confirmed.

    What bugs me is the mouth of the snowman changing when it gets hit.

    I dunno... that seems like typical Australian hoon behaviour to me, but I thought that was what the game was going for.

    i sent my PC copy back to hell and had it refunded by MS. damn Toredo bullshit.

    Im just disappointed that the game was all about being set in Australia, now they are adding a fictional location. Yes it does snow in Australia. why not use real locations where is snows.

      I doubt there is a "Storm Island" off the Cote d'Azur. We didn't have any issue with the addition of fictional locations in the last title with its extremely stylised representation of real locations, but suddenly its an issue when its in an equally heavily stylised Australia? Seems a bit silly.

      If they wanted to have snow driving why not put it into Forza Horizon 4 and set it in New Zealand or something?

    Left hand drive too.

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