The New Ghostbusters Will Meet The Old Team In A New Comic Crossover

On the big screen, we're never going to see the classic Ghostbusters team partner up with the crew from the latest movie. But anything can happen in comics, so the Avengers moment of the Ghostbusters world is taking place in a new miniseries starting next March.

Revealed as part of IDW's latest list of solicitations, Ghostbusters 101 — by Erik Burnham with art from Dan Schoening — will see the original team head back to their academic careers... only for their first batch of students to rip a hole in space and time into the universe occupied by the "Answer the Call" Ghostbusting team.

Naturally, hijinks of the supernatural sort will occur from there, necessitating that Egon, Ray, Winston, and Venkman team up with Holtzmann, Erin, Patty, and Abby.

It will be the first time IDW has gotten their hands on the characters of the new movie after years of series based on the classic team. Only time will tell if it could lead to the new crew getting a comic of their own, but for now, it's cool to have them palling around with the original team, an adventure we're unlikely to ever get on the big screen. Ghostbusters 101 #1 is set to hit shelves on March 22, 2017.


    So, how will the original Ghostbusters react to the new Ghostbusters who create Photon packs that are capable of instantly destroying ghosts rather than containing them?

      I'd like to think they'd geek out

        I don't know. Destroying something kind of seems un-sciencey. Containing them for study seems more logical

          Yeah, but they weren't studied on. They were just contained and stuffed in 'the hole' back at the station. Destroying them would stop the danger of a catastrophic failure that could doom the city, like the end of GhostBusters 1.

    Speaking of, did the reboot/remake/rewhatever end up being decent at all? The writing in the trailers made it seem very slapsticky instead of the more dry humour of the original.

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