The Newest Ghost Rider Is A 19th-Century Badarse

Or actually, she's already been introduced — and she isn't a replacement, but a part of Ghost Rider history. Say hello to Kushala: Your newest, oldest Ghost Rider.

Kushala, a Native American warrior from the late 19th century, isn't getting her own comic quite yet, but she's been rolling around as part of Doctor Strange's weird and wonderful magic team in Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme, where her mystical abilities and fiery warhorse have seen her referred to as the "Demon Rider". Except now the latest issue will reveal that that's just old-timey nomenclature for describing someone who wields the powers of the spirit of vengeance as Ghost Rider.

Revealed by today, the "twist" will take place in Sorcerers Supreme #3, featuring a cover that in part reveals her flaming-skull-based legacy, and what appears to be a small part of her origin story:

Naturally, it involves bad things, and also a little bit of vengeance. Perfect for any Ghost Rider! While Robbie Reyes might be back in action as Ghost Rider in the comics, but its pretty cool to see the history and legacy of the character fleshed out in ways like this. One day a Ghost Rider anthology miniseries looking at different incarnations of the character throughout history wouldn't go amiss, Marvel.

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme is due out December 28.


    Thor, by Jason Aaron already introduced a N.A. Ghost Rider (unless Loki was making it up) from back in Viking times.

    Maybe we can just start with an ongoing Ghost Rider book that lasts more than 12 issues?

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