The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Just Killed Target’s Website

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Just Killed Target’s Website

Target Australia started selling the coveted Nintendo Classic Mini NES today at 8am AEDT on its online store and it seems some people can’t get the website to load. Sound familiar?

It appears the Target Australia website has suffered the same fate as EB Games’ online store during the time it was selling the Nintendo Classic Mini NES. The amount of traffic to the Target online store to get the relaunched retro console has overwhelmed the site, leaving some visitors unable to access it.

Target hasn’t released any statement through social media regarding the website failure. Some users have reported that the Nintendo Classic Mini NES is already sold out through the retailer.

Did you manage to get a Nintendo Classic Mini NES through Target? Let us know in the comments.


    • Same! Shit fight for an hour – then spent 20mins in the ‘checkout’ page trying to get it to accept my card details..
      Lesson learnt to get onto presale early next time!
      Christmas shopping complete! ?

    • I signed in at 7:45, got one in my cart by 8:15, then spent until 10:30 trying to pay for it. Luckily managed to get a confirmation email just before they sold out of stock.

  • sigh
    why didn’t they just get us to line up for hours before store opening and hand out tickets like they did the first time.
    it was actually less stressful than this, took less time, and even felt more orderly.
    Obviously this only applies to the targets where civilised queues were in place and ordered numbering handed out, but it was much better than waiting for the internet to do its thing.

    • Wasn’t enough stock for all stores to get them. People would have lined up at some stores for nothing

  • I really appreciated the expertise shown in the previous articles’ comments from the web engineers among us.

    A question from a layperson – the ‘queue’ system didn’t seem to be announced before hand, but it did give off the impression Target understood the loads this would bring. Is it a new way to handle large web sales in Australia? Obviously the proof is in the pudding now, but did they at least try and do something different to the way EB/others have tried?

    • I know with Nike’s website for high demand Air Jordan releases, once you get an item into the cart (a herculean feat in and of itself…) you then go into a queue before you’re able to check out. I managed to grab the Air Jordan 1 “Chicagos” in May 2015, and once I had them in cart it took more than 45 minutes of watching a spinning wheel before I could actually pay and get confirmation that I’d successfully ordered them.

  • Yes. I probably got in the queue about 8:35am. Everything kept crashing (when trying to show cart contents, when trying to move to payment, etc – every click on the site ended up in error), but I had had one screen in all the mess showing that I had one in my cart. I eventually had to give up on it to drop the kids off at school and figured that was that. When I came back home though, it was still in my cart and so I ended up back in the queue. Today is a day off for me so I just let it queue in the background while I attended to some other things, and I probably got through to payment at about 9:45am. Shortly after that the Target website stopped loading.

    It’s all a bit crazy. I was okay to get one or not – not the end of the world, just a video game system. The kids (meaning me too) will have a lot of fun with it, but I’m not sure if high demand on a site not designed for that is the best way to do this sort of thing …

  • Got to the order confirmed screen but I haven’t got an email yet. Support says to give it a day for the email to come through.

  • Knew this was going to happen. The release of the NES Mini has been an absolute nightmare. Nintendo severely underestimated how popular this thing was going to be.

    • Nintendo know exactly what they’re doing limiting stock, there is no underestimation of popularity on their behalf, pure marketing tactics.

  • Been waiting since 8am, had it in my cart and everything and wouldn’t load past then.
    Has it actually sold out. Now website won’t load at all keeps saying in queue. Super frustrating

  • Nah missed out…
    Logged in since 730, had it in cart and on confirmation page since 8.04 fought with system till about 15mins ago (So close to 4 hrs I guess), couldnt register address even though I had already set all that stuff up and ordered something cheap before hand.

    Crash, start again….

    Same story different site, not their fault but frustrating nonetheless.

    Its gotta be my 8th or 9th try all up across all the sites.

    Just unlucky I guess.

    • I went through exactly the same as you, logged in at 7.40 went to check out at 8.30 and then it just kept crashing until 11.45 and gave up, rang Target, they said it was sold out. Checked my account and it appeared that I got it in my checkout at 8.39 but then they cancelled it.

  • How desperate are you all.
    I have a friend up the road who, last week, found about 100 NES Minis in their warehouse which had been unallocated and unaccounted for.
    So I got one. She still has them.
    Completely legit, above board. Theyre being kept aside.

  • Yes I was desperate! Not embarrassed to say so. That’s why I spent 2 hours and 47 mins on a website after already going through the process twice with EBgames. But persistence and a bit of luck and I now have one coming for Xmas to muck around with. Happy days !

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