The ‘Player 2’ Controller Of Your Mate’s Worst Nightmares

The ‘Player 2’ Controller Of Your Mate’s Worst Nightmares

It’s the ultimate morality test.

You have a friend visiting. You’re playing some games. Do you give them the slightly-dodgy third-party controller with a sticky button?

If your answer is no, you’re either an angel, or you’re lying. Because we all know if it was down to the official controller or this, there’s no way you’d be releasing your grip on the real thing.

Player 2 at my house gets this controller.

What..what even is this? And where can I get one for when my sister visits?

Edit: Turns out this is a pretty sweet controller – designed to be played with one hand! Thanks to Bradley Paterson in the comments for the link.

Edit 2: here’s a video of it in action – cheers to @waffleking for sharing below.


    • That’s amazing! I love things like this, thanks so much for letting me know!

      In case you haven’t heard of them (but it seems you might be interested), Special Effect is a charity based in the UK that make all kinds of mods to controllers and games so that gamers with disabilities can play as well. Worth checking out!

    • Ohhhh, I see. I was close with my thoughts of it being an accessibility controller, just not how it’s used 😛 Lying flat on the desk, not held in the hand.

  • Is there an article or story here that I’m missing or is this just twitter now?
    What..what even is this?
    My thoughts exactly.

    • Are you new to Kotaku?

      This is one of many, long standing, In brief pieces that Kotaku has been doing for freaking ages.
      (Not even the shortest in comparison, by far)

      They are a constant here, as are the folks who constantly point them out.
      Neither seems to be going anywhere.

  • This is… wow. It looks like some kind of accessibility controller, except that it’s made for two hands instead of just one. I need to know why this exists 😛 And how it’s supposed to work.

    It looks like they must be holding it wrong. It seems like it’s meant to be held in the hand so your fingers are on the L/R buttons and a thumb on the d-pad. Then the other hand at that top edge with the arrow, so I guess your thumb is on one stick and has access to the face buttons and maybe the other stick at a stretch. Would explain why there’s a switch to change the sticks around.

    But even then I cannot understand what kind of benefit this arrangement could offer. What is it for!

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