The PlayStation's Buy One Get One Free Deal Isn't Bad

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We've all had plenty of opportunities to buy things on the cheap over the last few weeks. But are you going to complain about more deals? No. I think not.

It's not the most amazing offer the PlayStation Store has ever had. It's a two-for-one deal: buy one game at full price, or at least discounted full price, and get a second one for free.

There's 46 titles on offer right now, and while you'll want to avoid a fair few of them - nobody should have to pay for Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, he's no Tiger Woods - there are some reasonable offerings.

The trick will be to avoid the titles you know you'll be able to get for under $20 in a week or so. But if you, say, get The Witcher 3 for under $50 and you happen to get Sleeping Dogs, Project CARS or The Last of Us Remastered (which looks great with the PS4 Pro patch) for free too - you're doing pretty well.

From cheapest to most expensive, here's a list of titles worthy of consideration:

  • Project CARS: $39.95
  • Rayman Legends: $39.95
  • Shadow Warrior: $39.95
  • Sniper Elite 3: $39.95
  • Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition: $39.95
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales 2: $39.95
  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition: $39.95
  • Touhou Genson Rondo Bullet Ballet: $39.95
  • Saints Row IV Re-elected & Gat Out of Hell: $44.95
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst: $47.95
  • The Witcher 3: $47.95
  • The Evil Within: $49.95
  • Wolfenstein The New Order: $49.95
  • Far Cry 4: $54.95
  • Homefront The Revolution: $54.95
  • RIDE: $54.95
  • The Talos Principle: $54.95
  • The Last of Us Remastered: $54.95
  • Far Cry Primal: $59.95
  • Trackmania Turbo: $59.95

Not too bad. There's a few nice combos in there, thanks to The Witcher, Project CARS and Mirror's Edge Catalyst being at reasonable prices. Getting any of those with The Last of Us, or Trackmania, or The Talos Principle is a pretty solid pairing.

You can search the whole list for yourself here. There's a whole range of games on offer for the PS3 as well, in case you or someone you know still actively uses one.


    That's quite compelling. It's probably going to be a combo of Last of Us Remastered and Shadow Warrior Rebooted for me, I never played either of them in any of their millions of variants.

    Any good reason to play Dishonored 1 ReDishonored over my copy of standard Dishonored 1 I already own but never played? The sequel obviously has me interested again.

      I'm not sure how long it will go for but the sequel comes with a digital copy of Dishonored Remastered so you may want to consider that before buying it on its own.

    Any suggestions on games that will be hard to find on a physical copy?

    I always try to get physical copies (unless the digital is a really good deal)

    I just bought The Last of Us remastered on PS4 for $9.99 on black friday from Gamestop and they have it for $19.99 right now. The prices on the playstation store are ridiculous.

      Yup totally ridiculous price, I was also at GameStop & bestbuy black Friday and theres lot of good games $10-20 only and these games either physical copy or download just takes too much data space on my PS4. I hv one game, physical copy takes more than 40 GB of save data on PS4. What the hell is the use of Blu-ray disc if it's takes this much space on your console and I only have 500 GB. So forget about buying digital copies of lousy sales on PS store.

        Worth noting that we don't have Gamestop in Australia and the games are priced at different points. Our equivalent of Black Friday deals had Skyrim Special Edition at 45, Watch Dogs 2 just over 50, and so on.

    Current 12 Deals of Christmas is Dishonored 2 for $47, which is frankly ridiculous for such a recent game.

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