The Year In Kotaku East 

[Image: Liam Wong]

It's been quite a year. Lots of Kotaku, plenty of East. Let's take a look back at our favourite stories of 2016. Good times.

It’s 2016 And I’m Buying A New Japanese Fax Machine

The Reason Why Frieza Lost To Goku, According To A Chiropractor

Pokemon GO Stampedes in Taiwan

Tips for Drawing Backgrounds

Hayao Miyazaki Is Still A Hard-Ass

China Already Has A Handheld Like The Nintendo Switch

What "Anime" Means

The 2020 Olympics Could Change Tattooing In Japan Forever

Persona 5 Is Smart, Fun, And Very Japanese

Man Spends Days Making Zootopia LEGO Statue, Child Destroys It In Seconds

Keep Your VR Headset Clean, The Japanese Way

Japan's Most Intense Rock, Paper, Scissors Competition

Miyazaki Gives Clear Answers On The Future Of Dark Souls, Armored Core

Pokemon And Kissing: A Short History

Japanese TV Meets Shuhei Yoshida, Thinks He's Just Some Guy

This year isn't quite over just yet! We look forward to what the next one brings, and in the meantime, wish you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!


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