This Week In Games: Not Just The Last Guardian

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Who knows what the gaming industry will look like whenever Fumito Ueda's next game comes out. Will we have moved on from consoles entirely? Who knows.

Either way, The Last Guardian is finally here. And while it's far from the only major release this week, it's easily the one people have been waiting the longest for. But there's actually quite a few interesting games out, from a VR take on Werewolf to 3DS JRPGs to a Space Hulk FPS.

3-on-3 Freestyle (PS4)

What is it? An MMO game about street basketball.
Should you care? This one's been kicking around PC for years. It's not half bad, provided you don't mind the gross way MMOs from Asia are monetised.

Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4)

What is it? The dinosaur hunter/Hunger Games simulator/survival sandbox finally comes to the PS4.
Should you care? Is ARK still popular on Steam? *checks* Yup, still is.

Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure (Vita)

What is it? An adventure game about an antique dealer who gets robbed after coming home drunk one night.
Should you care? It's inspired by Broken Sword and looks like it has a good sense of humour. I'd get it if I wanted a new Vita game.

Werewolves Within (PSVR, Rift, Vive)

What is it? Ubisoft brings the game of Werewolf to VR.
Should you care? This seems like a nailed on license to print money. Reckon it'll be a solid hit on Vive.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse (3DS)

What is it? The Altus-made RPG about a war between the angels and demons returns. Should you care? The gameplay from E3 looked bonkers, so go ahead. (I'm not schooled in the series though, so take that with a heavy grain of salt.)

7th Dragon III Code: VFD (3DS)

What is it? The final game in the 7th Dragon series, where you travel through time to slay dragons to prevent the destruction of the world.
Should you care? Mikey found it was surprisingly good.

Nubla (PS4)

What is it? Something about dreaming into plunging into the paintings in a museum.
Should you care? I ... don't know? Maybe if you really loved Broken Age.

The Last Guardian (PS4)

What is it? The sequel to ICO is finally here.
Should you care? Of course you should. Some games should be experienced by fans of all genres; this is one of those.

Dead Rising 4 (PC, XBO)

What is it?Frank West brings his bat and zombie ball back for the holiday season.
Should you care? The Dead Rising games have always been fun, even if they've never set the world alight.

The Dwarves (XBO)

What is it? This actually came out on PC and PS4 last week, but it's only available at retail for XBO from Thursday.
Should you care? If you want a Diablo-esque basher for Xbox One this month, why not? Dwarves aren't everyone's cup of tea, though.

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality (Vive)

What is it? Surgeon Simulator comes to VR.
Should you care? The shtick is a bit played out by now, I think.

Arizona Sunshine (Vive, Rift)

What is it? A single or multiplayer VR game about slaughtering zombies in a desert, post-apocalyptic world.
Should you care? There's a co-op campaign mode, a full single player campaign and plenty of guns. The zombie AI looks crap, but otherwise it looks like good fun.

Patchwork (PC)

What is it? A digital recreation of the board game where players use assorted bits of fabric to stitch the biggest quilt.
Should you care? You'd have to like the board game.

Space Hulk: Deathwing (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? An FPS remake of the Space Hulk board game.
Should you care? It's basically a dungeon crawler on a space ship that you can play with three mates. And given that the devs behind this previously made the completely insane E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, I'm going to say yes. (Co-op also means you get to play as a class that's not a Librarian.)

So those are the big releases coming out this week - there's actually quite a few. Are you picking anything up? And did I leave anything out? Say so in the comments!


    so Dead Rising 4 isn't on Steam, only MS store. I'm sure that's gonna work out well for em.

      Wait a few weeks - I think it's only a window of windows exclusivity

      To boot, I believe is is NOT a Play Anywhere title, which is kind of ridiculous if it is going to be exclusive to the MS Store.

    As a note, 7th Dragon and SMT IV: Apocalypse are just the physical versions. The digital versions are already available on the Nintendo 3DS e-store. Also out this week:

    Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel (PC)
    Space Overlords (Vita/PS4)

      Oh, you mean the best fighting game of 2016 is coming to PC this week? ;P

      PS: anyone who doesn't follow along with Austin Walker of Waypoint is going to have no idea what this comment means but oh well

    I would love to take a punt on SMT IV, but can't see myself getting it any time soon.

    Sequel to ICO? Is it connected to that game? Haven't really been reading much about so that I can play it relatively untainted by spoilers but that line got me curious...

      I don't think it's a sequel as such, certainly not any more than SotC was. Just same/similar world, art style, etc.

      "It's the vibe" :P

      They call it a "spiritual" sequel. It's not quite a sequel, per se, but it seems like it's set in the same world, and there may possibly be links to either ICO or SotC. Though that may just be wishful thinking and exuberant observations.

    Oculus Touch this week!

    ...supposedly. Nfi when mine will actually get here, I just hope it turns up before Feb ;_;

    I think it's crazy that FFXV and The Last Guardian, two games that have been in development since the dawn of time, are finally going to be released within a week of eachother.

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