Rewatch This Year's Game Awards Here

Image: The Game Awards trophy, produced by WETA.

And by "watch The Game Awards", I really mean "let's hang out for all the cool new footage".

Geoff Keighley's annual tribute to games big and small kicked off later today. And while there was all the glitz and glamour of the awards - and the occasional bit of mic dropping - the fun part for most will be the new trailers dropping in between the speeches.

Here's what we know we're going to see today:

Mass Effect: Andromeda
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
A new game from Phoenix Labs
A New Frontier, the latest Telltale game in The Walking Dead franchise

It wasn't the only footage shown off, but were enough big hitters in there to get started. There was also be live performances from Run The Jewels, Rae Sremmurd and the DOOM soundtrack, which should be good fun.

You can watch the whole thing via the YouTube stream below, on Twitch, via Facebook Live or Twitter. There's more options than that, of course, but the biggest platforms are usually best for this sort of stuff.

Here's all the winners:

INSIDE wins Best Independent Game and best Art Direction, beating out games like ABZU and Overwatch for the latter
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won Most Anticipated Game DOOM took home Best Action Game over Overwatch and ABZU
Pokemon GO, unsurprisingly, won best Mobile and Handheld Game
Boogie2988 won Trending Gamer
That Dragon, Cancer won the Best Game for Impact
Cloud9 won Esports Team of the year
DOOM got best sound design, and certainly had best live performance of the night
Nolan North took out best performance for Uncharted 4
Forza Horizon 3 wins Best Sports/Racing Game
Coldzera takes out Best Esports Player
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End won Best Narrative
Overwatch for Best Game Direction
Dishonored 2 won Best Action/Adventure
Overwatch won Game of the Year


    They seem to have started giving out awards and showing new game footage while the countdown (to start) is still going... Why bother announcing a start time if you're just going to start earlier?

    Should have left work at lunch time. I'd be just getting home now. Oh well... I'll just watch the trailers later.

    Dead Stranding! Looks like MGSV with weird capsule babies and Hannibal. Get psyched!

    Last year I think I managed 10 minutes before bailing out. I'll just wait for the trailers.

    Summary ...

    1. GAME OF THE YEAR: Overwatch
    2. BEST GAME DIRECTION: Blizzard, Overwatch
    3. BEST NARRATIVE: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    6. BEST PERFORMANCE: Nolan North - Nathan Drake, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    7. GAMES FOR IMPACT AWARD: That Dragon, Cancer
    10. BEST ACTION GAME: Doom
    11. BEST ACTION/ADVENTURE GAME: Dishonored 2
    12. BEST FAMILY GAME: Pokemon GO
    13. BEST STRATEGY GAME: Civilization VI
    14. BEST SPORTS / RACING GAME: Forza Horizon 3
    15. BEST ESPORTS PLAYER: Coldzera, CS:GO
    16. BEST ESPORTS TEAM: Cloud9
    17. BEST ESPORTS GAME: Overwatch
    18. TRENDING GAMER: Boogie2988

    I don't know if I missed any. Work and that.

    Apparently there's not enough time to give out all the awards, but we can still find a few minutes to have a terrible skit with a man dressed as a razor …

      Thanks, wasn't sure about some that had been missed - Don't get how Pokemon Sun/Moon was beaten by PoGo for best family and best handheld game awards though...

      And yeah they really need to cut down on some of the extra bits (like the two terrible rap/hip-hop/whatever those performances were that had nothing to do with games) and show some more of the actual awards if they want anyone to care about it as an award show.

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