Why Yes, I Will Play Yooka-Laylee

Why Yes, I Will Play Yooka-Laylee

This morning’s big news: the crowdfunded 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee will be out on April 11, which should be right in time for Nintendo Switch and a new 3D Mario game. Will 2017 be the Year Of 3D Platformers? No, probably not. But a man can dream.

We’ll temper our excitement until Yooka-Laylee is in our hands, but so far the game looks wonderful, as you can see in the new trailer above.

Also, the folks at developer Playtonic say they have cancelled the Wii U version – not a shocker – and are instead looking to release Yooka-Laylee on Switch in the future. Kickstarter backers who asked for the game on Wii U can swap to any of the other platforms instead.


  • I’m all for nostalgia but this game looks very dated. Graphically and otherwise.
    And what’s with the title graphic? It goes a little beyond homage..

    • I agree. Graphics aren’t everything, of course, but this looks about the same as Kameo, a 360 launch title. Some newer flourishes or even just better lighting would be good.

      …I can’t believe I am criticising a game for its technical graphics.

  • Wow, they’re really embracing the spirit of banjo kazooie, far more than I thought it would based on previous media. Cannot wait!

  • But that music! Sooo good. I think sometimes the importance of sound gets forgotten.

    Almost 20 years later I can still remember the Banjo Kazooie music 😀

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