You Can Chuck A Hadouken In The Sydney Opera House

Image: Capcom

Street Fighter 5 isn't the first game I'd associate with the iconic Australian landmark, but if it's a stepping stone to getting something similar to what Melbourne had then I'm sure people won't mind.

The Melbourne reference, in case you're wondering, is to a Tekken tournament where fighters played Soul Calibur 5 on stage while the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra played the music to the game.

That's not happening at the Sydney Opera House, although it'd be cool. What is kicking off is a casual event next Sunday (December 18), with people invited to enjoy some casual and competitive matches in the Opera House's Joan Sutherland Northern Foyer. Registration opens from 9:00 AM local time, with proceedings kicking off from 4:00 PM. If you just want to throw a few quick uppercuts, however, freeplay consoles will be available from Saturday morning until the end of the event.

It's part of the Opera House's 24 hour festival of entertainment and pop culture, BINGEFEST. It includes a discussion with the creator of Serial, The AV Club hosting a Buffy marathon, Dan Harmon talking about the creation of TV and a talk with the creator of the Radiolab podcast (Jad Abumrad).


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