You Can Get Assassin’s Creed III For Free On PC This Month

You Can Get Assassin’s Creed III For Free On PC This Month

Ubisoft has been giving away games this year as part of a celebration of their 30th anniversary, and for the month of December, Assassin’s Creed III is free on PC.

Assassin’s Creed III is, as reported on Kotaku, “the best tree-climbing simulator in history”. If that sounds up your alley, you can follow this link and grab it, provided you have a Ubisoft account.

This is the final game on offer for Ubisoft’s anniversary celebration, rounding out seven months of giveaways from the publisher.


  • I was so damn disappointed with this game. The Ezio games were brilliant, and I was pretty hyped about the whole American Revolutionary War setting.

    Then they released AC3 – with a too long bait and switch, mopey protagonist and the worst of the worst AC escort and chase missions.

    The assassination mission where you ran across the battlefield was awesome, and made me even more disappointed because I had hoped the rest of the game was like that.

    Basically, I wanted to play “The Patriot” Simulator 2012 and got “Chase Mission and Homestead Simulator 2012” instead.

    • Not to mention Forrest Gumping your way through American history really stretched the suspension of disbelief.

      • “The main character just happened to be involved in every single important event in the American Revolution! Nevermind the fact he’s part Native American and nobody would have given him the time of day IRL”.

    • That’s unkind. These games were (originally) a huge risk for Ubisoft to take, both financially and creatively.

      Yes, it paid off in spades. Yes they’ve been flogging the brand to death. Yes, most of its innovations have been taken, improved on, and used in many other games. But that shouldn’t completely overshadow the series’ legacy.

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