You Can Literally Bet On Whether There's A Jetpack In GTA 5

Given that fans have been debating this sort of stuff for ages, it only makes sense that someone would try and make a buck off it.

In an email sent around to the media, local bookies Sportsbet announced that markets are now open on the unsolved Mt. Chiliad mystery.

People have scouring Los Santos for clues for quite literally years. It was already something that these previously undiscoverable doodads, ranging from aliens in the ice to murals to UFO sightings, only appeared to people who had completed every story and side mission in the game. But GTA 5 has been out for three years. GTA 6 might come out before the mystery is solved. Red Dead Redemption might finally get a PC port.

But someone might solve it before then. And you can place a bet on it.

Image: Sportsbet

If you'd like to just bet on whether the mural represents a jetpack, there's odds on that too. $1.35 for Yes and $3.00 for No, which seems a little high given the other two novelty markets are "Where is the Jetpack" and "Is there a Jetpack in GTA 5".

They seem pretty set on a jetpack.

The most fun market is where abouts the jetpack might exist. It'll run until June 2017, after which point all bets will be void if nothing has been found. Mt. Chiliad and Mount Gordo are the hot favourites, although $11 for "In the UFO Spaceship" doesn't seem like a bad punt.

Now, for the slightly not fun part. I'm not about to advocate that every one starts betting en masse, especially since video games has a bit of a problem with that already. But I feel like you also have to give a little credit here to Sportsbet for capitalising on the GTA drama in a cheeky way.

Either way, betting on GTA 5 mysteries is now officially a thing. Just bet sensibly, please.


    The article says $1.35 for Yes and $3.00 for No

    The picture says $1.35 for No and $3.00 for Yes. Is that right?

    I'm not a gambler though, so maybe I'm reading that the wrong way around?

    Last edited 02/12/16 2:17 pm

      They're from different markets: one's whether there is a jetpack in GTA 5, and the other is whether the mural represents a jetpack.

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