You Can Now Play Pokemon Go On An Apple Watch, But Not Catch Pokemon

Viral rat-hunting mobile game Pokemon GO is now on the Apple Watch. Starting today, you can find rats, some of which now have Christmas hats, on your $399+ wrist-bound iPhone.

Pokemon GO

Fans expected Niantic to release an associated Pokemon GO app in September. A rumour spread that the whole project was cancelled until mid-December when Niantic clarified via Twitter:

On your Apple Watch, you'll receive notifications about nearby Pokemon and PokéStops, get items from PokéStops, hatch eggs and receive candy. Unlike the Pokemon GO Plus wrist accessory, you can't catch Pokemon on it. You'll have to catch on your iPhone.

The press release reads, "Apple Watch is particularly well suited to Pokemon GO as it seamlessly combines gameplay and imagination with getting exercise and exploring the real world."


    Is there a reason for the limited functionality? I assume they didn't want to make their pockemon watch obsolete * but they need to consider that not many adults want to walk around with a toy shaped ball strapped on their wrist.

    Last edited 23/12/16 3:34 pm

      That's probably the reason though. They want to keep selling the pokemon plus thing.

        I feel like that was a poor decision of them, as we are talking for different target audience. The pokewatch is a cheaper alternative (from the applewatch) that targets kids, teens and maybe young adults. A 37 year old guy, who loves the Pokemon Go app, with a job, gf and mature social cycle is very unlikely to choose to strap a toy on his wrist, especially if he already spent a decent amount of money for a gadget.

      I have pretty dainty wrists for a guy and the strap for my Plus doesn't even get close to fitting.

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