You Can Play The Nintendo Switch At RTX Sydney

You Can Play The Nintendo Switch At RTX Sydney

If you were hoping to get hands on with the Nintendo Switch, good news: you can do so at RTX Sydney in early February.

The Rooster Teeth convention first came to our shores in January as RTX Australia, but rebranded as RTX Sydney for 2017. And earlier this morning, the official RTX Sydney Twitter account announced that the Switch would be playable on the convention show floor.

It adds up for an event that’s shaping up to be substantially improved on their inaugural attempt, which Amanda found was bogged down by extreme heat, substandard air conditioning, long lines, a lack of food and poor event planning.

Next year’s event, however, is shaping up to cure most, if not all, of those ills. It’s taking place in the brand new International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, a far more accessible and pretty location than the Australian Technology Park in Redfern. Internet access should be vastly improved under the new facilities, and air conditioning is guaranteed.

Mark also reckons the ribs from Hurricane’s, which is near the ICC, are decent, although if you want a good feed I’d recommend walking a kilometre to Arisun. It’s just up the road, and you can’t beat a massive plate of fried chicken with wasabi mayo. You really can’t. (And it’s super cheap if you go with a group.)

On top of that, the guest list is vastly improved. Along with the Rooster Teeth gang, Tim Gettys and Greg Miller from Kinda Funny and the Funhaus crew, Hideo Kojima is coming to Australia. Kojima’s scheduled to talk on a panel with Miller about “the future of game development” and his history in video games, which should be worth the wait.


  • Went from being super-keen and maybe dropping in simply for a go at the Switch, to nauseous over that guest list.

    More power to the people who are keen on seeing those people, and of course having Kojima out here is an exception, but I don’t know, I just wish we’d get these chances without the usual baggage of the ‘That Internet Celebrity Who Is Games-Adjacent’ circus.

    • The expo’s run by Rooster Teeth… and you’re surprised that RT personalities are going to be there?

      • Exactly, it’s like going to a concert and leaving after the opening act because you came for them, and not staying for the main draw.

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