You Can Thank The Game Awards For This Awesome Steam Sale

Steam sales are pretty common now. It doesn't mean they're not great. Doesn't mean they don't send us broke, just that... we're used to them.

We're also used to them mostly being populated by the same games.

*COUGH* Hotline Miami, Braid, Super Meat Boy *COUGH*

This sale is a little bit different.

This sale is based on the upcoming Steam Awards. Meaning that the nominees are almost all discounted. Meaning that the games are mostly all pretty awesome.

My suggestions...

Oxenfree is too goddamn good at US$4.99
The Witness is 50% off at US$19.99 and is probably still my favourite game of 2016.
Hyper Light Drifter is 40% off at US$11.99
Dark Souls 3 is still full price but who gives a shit cause it's amazing.
XCOM 2 is 50% off at US$29.99

Very good stuff.


    Those prices might look good but they're in US dollars, not AU dollars which are somewhat at the mercy of what Trump's up to atm.

    Last edited 02/12/16 10:57 am

      That, and the christmas/holiday sale will more than likely have even better deals, probably on the same games too.

    40-50% off... pfffffft

    Gather 'round kids, for i am about to give you a history lesson about the hip days of Steam, with its regular 75-90% of sales... i still remember the cries coming from my wallet like it was yesterday...

      Its been years since I've gotten excited for a Steam sale. Steam's sale prices are more expensive than most CD Key purchasing sites regular prices.

    This sale isn't for the Steam Awards, it's for the Game Awards. Different thing.

    Last edited 02/12/16 2:36 pm

      10/10 Game journalism.

    Dark Souls 3 is still full price but who gives a shit cause it's amazing

    Give this man a pulitzer hahaha. Never change @markserrels

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