A Complete Wii Collection Is An Impressive Sight

Including last October's release of Just Dance 2017, 1262 games have been released in North America for the Nintendo Wii since its late 2006 launch. NintendoAge forum user NintendoTwizer has collected all of them.

Image via NintendoTwizer on Imgur

Along with the 1262 games (plus some double packs and variants), NintendoTwizer has also collected all four Wii colours and all 12 official Nintendo Wii remote colours. Here's a shot of the whole shebang.

So many white game boxes. Image via NintendoTwizer on Imgur

In a lengthy post on the NintendoAge forums (via Destructoid), the collector explains how his collection came together and why he decided to gather a complete set of games and hardware for a system infamously plagued by shovelware.

The Wii is a fascinating system. It sold over 100 million units. It was an insane success for Nintendo. No other Nintendo home system including the original Nintendo could touch it in sales. Think about that. Everyone had one (including my grandma). For me, I felt it would be an interesting challenge. The Wii was unexplored territory. Not many people have gone for a complete set. Yes, I can hear it now… so much shovel ware. To that I say sure, there's a ton of great games and a ton of shovelware, but that's cool. The crappy games tell an interesting story as well. I don't know how many times I came across a random Wii game and said to myself… "what the hell, they made this for the system?". That was part of the fun.

It's almost enough to make me want to remember where it was my Nintendo Wii wound up after I boxed it up for the last time.

The Maximum Racing set, which NintendoTwizer says are some of the rarest Wii games. Image via NintendoTwizer on Imgur

What makes the collection even more impressive is NintendoTwizer has only been putting it together since late 2015, having sold his first modest collection of more than 100 games earlier that year to help build a new house.

The top 10 rarest Wii games. Image via NintendoTwizer on Imgur

Check out NintendoTwizer's post at NintendoAge for more background on the collection, including a list of the top 40 rarest games. For more pictures, check out his extensive gallery on Imgur.


    As nice as completionism is, that is waaaaay too much money to spend (and space to take up) on shitty crappy games that aren't worth even picking up off the shelf at the store let alone bringing into your house.

    That's pretty obsessive. He'd have been better off spending the money on therapy.

    Bugger the Wii, I want to see his gamecube collection.

    So I'm assuming the games in the middle facing the camera are the good ones and all the ones around them in the book cases are shovelware?

      There are several top games missing off the top of my head from what I can make out. Maybe they are his personal faves?

    Didn't Nintendo release a mini wii variant? Don't see one of those.

    I see they have the Cyberbike game... But do they have the actual bike itself?

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