A Game Where You Play As The Boss In Classic Boss Fights

Love 'em or hate 'em, boss fights are a time-honoured video game tradition. Nefarious is a game that turns The Old Ways on their head. You're the boss taking on a band of annoyingly plucky heroes. You might even recognise some of the boss fights.

Here's what the game looks like:

If you've played Sonic The Hedgehog, Metroid or Final Fantasy, Nefarious' boss fights will almost certainly be familiar to you. Looks like the hilariously impractical ball-swinging egg cart is on the other foot now.

The game is, at heart, an action-platformer, so expect plenty of that, too. Still, I'm most interested in being a boss in a bunch of classic battles. Heck, I'd take a whole game that's just that! This'll do for now, though. It will be out on January 23.


    I came in here expecting to read about a Bruce Springsteen video game. I leave disappointed.

    So like Left 4 Dead or Evolve (or whatever the disappointing 4v1 monster follow up was called) then

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