A History Of The Bow And Arrow, Gaming’s Premier Primitive Projectile 

A History Of The Bow And Arrow, Gaming’s Premier Primitive Projectile 
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The bow and arrow is one of humanity’s most primitive weapon systems, right up there with stick attached to rock. Stuart Brown of YouTube’s Ahoy channel explores the history of the bow in reality and video games, from prehistoric hunters to modern-day marksmen.

The bow and arrow isn’t only one of the earliest projectile weapons created by humanity, it’s also one of the most pervasive, a staple of hunting and warfare in ancient cultures spanning the globe. Fitting a piece of string to flexible wood and using it to fling pointed sticks at things remained a staple of warfare until guns came about.

As for gaming, there’s just something about drawing a bow that makes it so very satisfying in a video game environment, even in modern settings where they’re a lot less practical.

It’s a weapon that was pivotal in shaping the world we live in, so it makes sense that it would be the first non-gun Stuart Brown explores in his excellent Iconic Arms series. In the video below, Brown takes us through the real-world history of the bow and arrow, using video games to illustrate the progression, and then dives into the use of the weapon in games themselves, from Turok to Tomb Raider.