A Trick Shot Worthy Of A Video Game

A Trick Shot Worthy Of A Video Game

If you ever spent hours trying to nail trick shots in Virtua Pool, you’ll have some appreciation for this.

There’s trick shots, and then there’s what Allstars Sports Bar has put together. It’s probably one of the most complex trick shots you’ve ever seen: it starts with a putter and a pool ball atop a flight of stairs, rolls down, goes onto one table, rolls onto another, and keeps going.

In all, the ball crosses nine separate tables before finally coming to an end. It’s the sort of shot that put Virtua Pool’s offerings to shame. (Hell, it’s the kind of shot you thought video games would have come up with first.)


  • It’s just a Rube Goldberg machine.. You’re really clutching at straws making it related to video games here.

  • It’s not a trick shot. It’s a very cool, Rube Goldberg style set-up. Checkout Venom trick shots for actual trick shots.

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