Forza Horizon 3 Patch Accidentally Releases Developer Build Of The Game

One of many unreleased Porsche vehicles found in the accidentally released dev version of Forza Horizon 3, via Imgur.

Players downloading yesterday's Forza Horizon 3 update on PC got a bit more than they bargained for, in the form of a 53 GB unencrypted developer build of the game, revealing a whole slew of unannounced vehicles that also screwed up players' save files.

The Forza Horizon 3 version ending with .37.2 went live on the Windows store yesterday, prompting owners to download the entire game all over again in order to play, which was fishy enough on its own. Once players downloaded the build, they discovered screens laced with debug text and a cars folder much larger than normal.

Image via the Forza forums. Note the debug info in the bottom right.

There's good news and bad news. The good news depends on how many of the cars discovered in the developer build of the game by folks on NeoGAF and Reddit actually wind up in the game. The full list includes a wide variety of vehicles, from the 1932 Ford De-Luxe Three Window Coupe to the 2016 Lotus 3-Eleven. The list also includes 18 different Porsche vehicles, suggesting we'll be seeing a Porsche expansion of some sort in the near future, similar to the ones we've seen in other Forza titles.

The bad news is that players who downloaded the unintentional update and started a new save file for it found themselves with corrupted save files, as detailed by community manager Brian Ekberg on the Forza forums.

- The incorrect PC version of FH3 has now been removed and replaced. PC players who have the FH3 version ending with .37.2 should immediately uninstall that version of the game, then re-install. The correct playable version should end in .35.2.

- NOTE: PC players who completed the download of .37.2 and then started a new game save will have a corrupted saved game. Avoid creating a new saved game on .37.2, and only play on .35.2 to avoid this issue. As long as you have an existing save and have not created a new one on .37.2, your saved game will work correctly once the update is available.

When reached for comment regarding the revelation of unreleased content, a Microsoft spokesperson said, "We have nothing to announce at this time."


    Pfft "nothing to announce at this time."

    Collectively, players aren't stupid. This should be an opportunity for them to swallow their pride and say, "Yep, we messed up by releasing that patch. By the way the cars that are coming are..."

      "By the way the cars that are coming are..."


      hahahahahaha, sometimes I even entertain myself!

    Sorry I'm new to the new generation of gaming, but we have to pay for cars to be added to the game. Paying for fake cars. Shouldn't that be included in the price when your buy the game.

      The price you pay when you buy the game buys you what's in the base game. Subsequent content takes additional time and money to develop, and attracts an additional charge. With real world cars there's also licensing issues that need to be sorted out before those cars can appear in the game, which may include fees.

      It's a load of crap I agree, just include the cars in the price when you buy it or they should be free patches. Car games in the past never had this crap until Forza came along.

    Its almost like Kotaku just reads the games reddit 3 days late for its news.

    Last edited 05/01/17 11:40 pm

      yesterday's Forza Horizon 3 update
      reads the games reddit 3 days late for its news

      Please, link me to this mysterious subreddit that is able to report on things two days before they happen.

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