Aliens Meets The Original Doom

Aliens Meets The Original Doom

Aren’t mods great?

I’d argue that the original Aliens vs Predator is still worth a playthrough, but if you’re after an Aliens FPS fix that’s more guns blazing, Kontra_Kommando has created a perfect mod for Doom.

Called Aliens 2017, it’s a remake of a mod from 1994 for the open-source GZDoom. The download is just under 70mb, and doesn’t require any advanced installation beyond just dragging all the files over the GZDoom directory.

I love that you have a limited supply of turrets and other items, which you obviously need to survive. It also looks super effective – this would scare the shit out of me if I played it at night with the lights off.


  • This takes me back to the wide world of wads.

    I could never get them to work back in the day, let alone know how to pronounce the term properly.

    Are they simply not called wads anymore, and they are just referred to as mods now as well?

    The original AvP was also something I never got to try, maybe one day.

    • What’s the original AvP? The earliest one that I can remember is the Atari Jaguar version. Was that the original? Or was there a PC version before that?

        • AvP 1999. the First level of the marine campaign was fucking tense as. You’r all alone, with a limited number flares, a pistol and a Motion tracker. Its also pitch black dark apart from the emergency warning lights that are going off

          • Man that map was intense. You’d hear the predator growl, then see a flash of a silhouette on the ridge in the distance, then it vanishes. You slowly creep forward them *Whoomp* a jeep is hit by Predator fire and explodes in a fiery inferno. The only thing you can think is “Screw it, I’m gonna die”

            Or am I thinking of AvP 2. I get them mixed up.

          • i think that was 2, but 2’s marine campaign was perfect from start to finish, my favorite was level towards the end were you enter the hive to try and rescue your team members before its too late (it is). Even though your armed to the teeth and have a fucking minigun (the best one in a game ever thanks to its chunky sound), it was still pretty damn terrifying

        • WAD was the extension for maps in the DOOM/Quake engine. It was an early precursor to mods, but mods are more advanced now and involve a lot more assets – voice over work, new worlds, character models etc – and different engines, so WADs is pretty redundant.

          • Yep. But the Doom mods similar to the original alien mod were called “Total Conversions”. The alien one was excellent.

    • I believe wads usually refers to maps or map packs. Mods usually being some kind of game play changes are called thus, but they’re still contained in wads. I dunno what you’d call the wads that contain only monsters on Realm667.

    • From memory, wad stood for Where’s All the Data? (or at least was a backronym, not sure now) because all the game’s content was packed up into this one single file, while the rest of it was just the engine. As opposed to having folders upon folders of all the various assets and such that make up the levels and characters etc. I don’t think that’s very common for games any more, to have everything all bundled up in a single package like that.

  • You guts need to have a look at Aliens TC (total conversion). Played it with three mates co-op one night. Still one of my best gaming experiences, if not the best. Hopefully someone preserved it somewhere. I might still have it on my old beast actually…

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