An Inside Look At Comic Book Legend Geof Darrow's Stunning New Art Book

From Hard Boiled to Shaolin Cowboy, Geof Darrow has some truly gorgeous art to his name, from a career in the comics industry that has spanned decades. Now, an intimate look at the pencil work behind some of his most famous collections is being gathered into a new art book, and we have an exclusive first look.

Lead Poisoning: The Pencil Art of Geof Darrow is being published by Dark Horse later this year, and features over a hundred pages laden with sketches and early work from across Darrow's career. Featuring insight and commentary from the man himself as well as pencil artwork that's never been published before. It's a rare bit of insight into the work of an artist who's a master at creating haunting, intricate vistas and bloody, intense action scenes in series like Shaolin Cowboy. It's amazing to see how, even before inking and colouring, just how detailed and rich Darrow's initial pencil work really is.

Check out a few pieces from the art book below, as well as the full cover for Lead Poisoning, making their debut here.

Lead Poisoning: The Pencil Art of Geof Darrow will be available in July.


    That's Geof Darrow alright. A corpse of a hippy outside a bar with a shotgun buried in his chest. Nice. The more you explore his insanely detailed drawings the more you discover.

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