Ana's New Skin Is Freaking Some Overwatch Players Out

Ana got a new skin for Overwatch's Year of the Rooster event, and some players think it's a little bit spooky.

Ana's new skin depicts her wearing a Korean Talchum mask, specifically a hahoetal, which was used in dances and plays during celebrations and holidays. These masks traditionally have exaggerated facial features to effectively depict emotions. The history and significance of the Talchum mask is fascinating, and Overwatch fanartist Kylee wrote a helpful blogpost with further details, including how Korean players are reacting to the skin (spoiler alert: They seem to like it).

To Western players unfamiliar with the Talchum mask, however, Ana's new skin looks kinda like a terrifying rictus grin. This isn't helped by her Play of the Game animation, which has her silently lift a single finger to her mouth. It gets even creepier on stages that don't have any lighting on her face.

Source: pinkiechuck

Actually, many players seem to like it because it's creepy:

Sweet dreams, children.


    Wow just when you think there might be hope for humanity...

    Try living in korea, those masks are everywhere.

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