Artist Making His Own Awesome Overwatch Statues

Blizzard is doing a terrible job at getting us official Overwatch figures and statues. Until they sort that out, there are artists like Mankej doing good work in their stead.

He's made a few statues of Overwatch characters himself, and has recorded progress builds on his YouTube site (he also streams on Twitch) so you can see how they're made.

Which makes for fantastic viewing, because these are done entirely by hand. There's no 3D printing in sight, it's 100% clay on wireframe.

Here's his D.Va:

And here's Tracer:

He's also done Junkrat:

And, most recently, Sombra:

You can see more of Mankej's work at his Facebook page.


    They're nice models, but I want to know what's going on with that Pikachu model.

      Torbjorn is a Pokemon cosplayer?

      I wanted Overwatch on Switch to be announced last week purely for the amiibo possibilities.

    maybe if you could combine 2 switches together they could run Overwatch...?

    Unfortunately, due to its relatively low specs, I doubt Nintendo will be releasing any FPS that requires decent frame rates (but then that's not really their thing...)

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