Blizzard Is Gifting StarCraft 2 Into People's Accounts

If you haven't fired up the client in a while, here's a good reason to: Blizzard might have gifted you a copy of StarCraft 2.

Users began posting on forums and social media that the vanilla version of StarCraft 2 was appearing in their accounts, even though they'd never purchased the game.

The initial response was one of confusion - people weren't sure whether it was the full game or not - but Blizzard has since confirmed to Kotaku Australia over email that the company is most certainly giving away copies of StarCraft 2.

According to a representative, Blizzard is flagging "accounts directly and are not providing download keys to players". They wouldn't get into specifics, only to say that they were "always trying different promotions and continuing to test new functionality in the desktop app to engage with our players".

It's a bit weird, but look on the bright side: the vanilla StarCraft 2 campaign is a solid 8 to 10 hours of gameplay, even though it's not as challenging or enjoyable as Brood War. But thanks to mods, you can play the original Brood War campaigns in StarCraft 2. And if you just received the game for free, you might as well give it a go.


    And here I paid for the damn thing LIKE A SUCKER!

    But I really enjoyed the campaign. So no complaints.

      almost 7 yrs depreciation on your investment though =p

        OMG has it really been that long?


    Bought it ages ago...haven't played in a long time because I don't want to pay for the expansions.

    Same applies to Diablo 3 really...

    Last edited 25/01/17 11:02 am

    *please don't turn in to a U2 iTunes fiasco*

      that will never happen, knowing Blizzard, they'll just flip the flag on your bnet account and it will show up on your launcher.

      it won't magically suck down 5 gig without your input like what Apple did with U2 =p

    Eh... i'm just waiting for LoTV to finally hit that 20-25 dollar sweetspot.

    If only just to finish off the storyline already... not really too keen on competitive multiplay and my mates rarely play co-op/custom maps anymore

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