Chris Brown Has A Goku From Dragon Ball Lamborghini

Well, it does go with his Goku tattoo.

[Images: Chris Brown | cbbrinfor]

That's right, pointed out by Hot New Hip Hop, Brown's Lamborghini Aventador has Goku's face on the hood.

Brown bought the $US400,000 ($530,620) car sans Goku. But later had it customised, and last spring, he uploaded photos of his Gokumobile online.

Which go with his Goku tattoo and Goku necklace.

[Image: Chris Brown | Facebook]

Brown has been known to cover his Lamborghinis with custom paint jobs. His black Gallardo has the lyrics to Tupac's "Lord Knows", for example. 

Maybe his next one can have the lyrics to "F"?


    My OCD went Super Saiyan because they didn't centralise the picture to the badge.


      I am wondering if the badge itself might be off centre.

    No surprise Brown idolises a character who solves all of their problems with violence.

      Don't drag Goku down to his level, Goku only ever responded to violence with violence. I do see that maybe he idolises someone who's personality was caused be brain damage though.

        Then again, Goku did hit Chi-Chi through a wall and a tree, even it it was by 'accident'

    Wow with all that money you'd think he'd get a tattoo that's done a it better not to mention the vinyl isn't even straight. All of it looks tacky as hell actually. Only Chris Brown could ruin a lambo...

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