Community Review: Resident Evil 7

Even though Kirk wrote a very lovely guide on how wimps like me can enjoy games like Resident Evil 7 without a soiled experience, I've steadfastly stayed away from the horror franchise.

Fortunately, I'm hearing its quite popular.

My partner fired up the first hour over the weekend and I immediately started thinking back to the only horror game I've ever played (and finished, phew), which was The Evil Within. Apart from screaming a lot, I don't know that I'd have gotten through that if the game had Resi's first-person perspective.

Heather, who played through the whole game, was reasonably impressed. And most of my social feed, at least the parts that can tolerate horror, have reacted in much the same way: they've enjoyed the change of perspective, they found the Baker house was scary as fuck, although the puzzles are supposedly a bit soft.

What do you think of the latest Resident Evil?


    I'm about 80% done. Loving it. Running great on PS4 Pro with PSVR, this is the VR killer app for me.

    What of the OG PS4 and this game?

    With or without VR on, I mean.

    2 spooky for me. I get the willies hard enough watching it on YouTube. 8/10

      Horror stuff is a no-no for me. No idea how people can do that in VR. I'd die.

    Just finished my second playthrough yesterday (doing the under 4 hours achievement, beat it in 3).

    It's a fantastic game, it definitely nails the feeling of "Resident Evil in first Person".

    In fact, the people who say "this could have easily been a new IP" are wrong, the game plays like a classic resident evil game, you have limited ammo, enemies are sponges that you are better off avoiding instead of fighting, there are puzzles and god damn keys that are also symbols.

    The story even feels resident evil like, especially when you hit the halfway point of the game. and the main villains are possibly the best in the series, with Jack Baker eclipsing Nemesis as the best "persistent enemy". Nemesis is cool, but Nemesis doesn't call you a little bitch when you try and hide from him.

    It's amazing how Resident Evil as a franchise has re-invented itself for the second time and both times they have knocked it out of the park. Can't wait for the free DLC (and the paid ones as well).

      I totally agree that this should be considered a resident evil game, but if you read my mini feelings im my comment below, Im questioning its position as a MAIN resident evil game.

      Don't get me wrong, this is a RE game, i just don't think there were any connections to the series to warrant a number at the back of it

        Yeah that's a fair point, i'd tend to agree that a spin-off would have probably been more appropriate for the content of the game, however i think for them to pull this off they needed it to be a mainline game, people would just go "oh this is just a spin-off, i don't need this game" while they clearly want this to be the new direction of the main series, and needed the allure of "This is a full fledged resident evil game!" behind it.

        Hopefully the DLC does go into more of how it fits into the Resident Evil story, but i also agree that they should have put more ties into the world of resident evil in the main game.

          "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" a title is only a title, changing that doesn't change the game. I do understand the point being made though, i just don't think it's anything more then being a little nitpicky :P

            I'm coming at this from a marketing perspective, marketing is very nitpicky haha.

            You can't deny a title is a very powerful thing, think of PT, when it was first announced people went "oh wow this is a really cool horror game demo this seems interesting" however that blew up into overdrive when it was revealed it was actually Silent HIlls. Imagine if PT never got plugged at E3, and never mentioned it was actually Silent Hills, it would have gotten a bunch of attention still, but it would have never raised the crazy amount of hype it did when it was actually SIlent Hills.

            I am being nitpicky i know this, just sorta having a big think, i still agree on the fact that the game could have been a spin off.

            The best thing would have been to drop the VII from the title and have it just be Resident Evil: Biohazard (or Biohazard: Resident Evil in Japan) and still market it as a sequel, but would solve the "but how is this connected to the other games?" argument as it would be seen as more of a side story due to not have that 7 in the title.


              Lol I do agree with what you're saying, probably being a bit hypocritical anyways I tend to be quite nit picky as well ;)

              I am pretty much just stating my opinion that the game is good regardless of what the title says, no more, no less :)

    i finished this on the weekend and was dissapointed in the lack of connection to the franchise as a whole.

    I was expecting some big pay off at the end, but didn't get it. I think this should have been a re-boot of the series, or revelations/spin off. It failed to show its worth as a Resident Evil # title.

    Saying that i loved the game play and its actual story. I never played more then 30 mins of Outlast so i was a bit late to this style of game.

    This game had me yelling and screaming at the screen and like the older RE games, having to manage my inventory on the fly.

    I think i would have rated this game higher if the ending had have been a bit better.

    Guess the story based DLC will do that, which I'm not happy about.

    7.5/10 from me

      I'm with you on the lack of a concrete tie in to the rest of the RE series. There are plenty of winks and nods to the series as a whole but nothing that makes it feel like a sequel in the main series. It would have worked way better as a spin off like Revelations.

      On a side note with the ending:
      The final boss reminded me a lot of the final boss in Darkside Chronicles. I didn't mind it as it is pure schlocky RE but I can see that it is drastically different in tone compared to the rest of the game.

      I also find it interesting that Capcom have actually tied in their rather dumb multiplayer shooter into the main storyline with the Umbrella Corps. When you combine that with the Wesker gun and the Redfield mercenary, I've got a feeling that Capcom are either intentionally taking the piss or trying to weave some new type of crazy plot.

        There's some really interesting theories on who "Redfield" might be, while i'm sure it's just a redesign for chris he looks a lot like the only Picture of HUNK without his mask. It's a stretch but an interesting one if true

        The biggest one however is that apparently some documents in Resi 1 mention a deceased level 9 Umbrella scientist named "Ethan W." which is either a massive coincidence, or maybe Ethan knows more about the situation then we think he does, and explains his somewhat calm demeanour when he is being faced with Bioweapon freaks, and the reveal of Umbrella being the ones who saved him at the end make a bit more sense.

        I really want to see what that free DLC is gonna have in it.

          i really dont want the DLC to end the games story, it should have been in the main game

            I mean it is free so it's not like people are going to be fully locked out of it.

            I'd agree that it would have been better for them to wait a bit longer for it to be ready, then release it with the game as the "Assignment Ada" type extra story.

        I absolutely loved how Mia ended up not being as helpless as she seemed. I was then really interested in a back story for her.

        I did however think that when the boat showed up and the little girl. Started to think, what was the name of the little girl in RE: Revelations 2 (Natasha) and if the boat was a Queen Zenobia (or whatever its called)

    loved it. exactly what I wanted form a RE game. its back to scary, tense and well paced. The puzzles are not too hard, wish there was a bit more difficulty to them. The story was great, I didn't want it to tie back into the old convuleted mess that is RE of the past, even though I am sure they will in future DLC or RE8. VR was mind blowing, the sense of scale you see with the enemies is enough to make you freak the F out. Even though its full of Horror movie tropes, its executed really well. The wheelchair twist at the end was great On second playthrough for Madhouse difficulty now.


      I did enjoy the twist, but reading some of the documents gives it away before the end. Still a good twist but took some of the weight out of the reveal. I think they should have omitted the information. Thoughts??

        Yea you may be right there now that i think about it. I never seem to take in what i read. I just skim over it without thought. Which worked out well since I only picked that up right at the end.

    yep, when i read that, im like..... thats gonna be the twist

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