Community Review: The Christmas Steam Sales

Community Review: The Christmas Steam Sales

Another year, another holiday, and another chance to throw your wallet at the screen for virtual discounts.

This year didn’t seem too bad in terms of what was on offer. There were some pretty good deals on AAA titles: DOOM dropped to as low as $US25 at one point, while there was a solid offering on the GOTY edition of The Witcher 3.

I ended up buying Furi just before leaving the country, while my partner gifted me Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, Golf With Your Friends, that odd RPG that teaches you Japanese, and a couple of the older Star Wars games that I didn’t have in my GOG library.

Separately, I also picked up 8-Bit Invaders (another RPG from the team that did Grey Goo), Geometry Dash, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine and Endless Space 2. I was waiting until Christmas to jump on ES2, and while I haven’t spent plenty of time with it yet it’s a game I’ll quietly return as 2017 rolls out.

Come to think of it, I really do need a better library of games I can play on a laptop/with a touchpad.

But how did you all fare? Pick up anything on the cheap over Christmas?


  • For anything major I found better deals elsewhere. I did pick up a few older titles and indies where steam was the best or only deal in town.

  • Picked up 2 games I’ve had my eye on for a while, Satellite Reign for US$4.50 and SOMA at US$10.50. Probably would have bought more if I’d spent more time digging through the store but hey, it was Christmas, I was more focused on playing games than on buying them.

  • Steam built up a lot of goodwill in the past with their actually awesome sales. They’re just coasting on that goodwill now. Sales used to have major recent releases for like 75% off, older games for 90-95% off on the daily deals. Plus the publisher bundles which were ridiculous value, pretty much all of a publisher’s titles for less than the cost of one new game if you were to buy from EB.

    I honestly don’t know why people still get excited about the Steam sales. It’s all like 10-25% off for newer games and maybe 50-75% for older games now.

  • Agree with @Bangers, steamsales were good once upon a time, now almost every single deal, you can get better elsewhere. regularly have deals far better than Steam, even during their sales, GMG do too. I dunno, Steams just turned to shit this last 5+ years, the only reason I honestly still use it is my library of 300+ games is there :\

    • Isn’t the only reason you can get those prices because of steam. I thought half of them just resold steam keys that they bought in a different region?
      I generally find Humble/GMG to be around the same discount as steam and as long as the publisher isn’t adding convict tax it all is around the same.
      Although I have been noticing that smaller games have been going for 90% reductions recently, I picked up a couple of little platformers this sale at 90% off.

      • *shrug* Maybe, maybe not. I dunno. Haven’t looked into it too far. I’d just like to see a return to the old steam sales, but I doubt we ever will given the multiple platforms these days for digital sales.

  • Made a few bucks selling non-existant trading cards and bought a few games around $1. Bleed is alright. Haven’t tried Lil Big Invasion yet.
    Also got Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. Probably one of the better Lego games for a while.

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