Conor McGregor’s Punch Out!! Is Fairly Accurate

Conor McGregor’s Punch Out!! Is Fairly Accurate

The Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather discussion is probably the silliest thing happening in sports right now, but at least we have fake video games to help settle the debate.

Context: Conor McGregor is the biggest male draw in the UFC by miles. Floyd Mayweather might be boxing’s last major draw. Current talk has them facing off in a bizarre boxing match that makes no sense.

At first it was a hypothetical, now it’s inching closer to reality. Both Conor and Floyd want the fight — we think — but are currently arguing over who gets the most obscene pile of cash. First Conor demanded 100 million to make the move to boxing. Then UFC boss offered Floyd $25 million and Floyd called him a ‘comedian’ for presenting such a piddling sum.

It’s all a bit weird. Mixed Martial Arts is completely different from boxing in just about every possible sense. Despite his heavy hands and pristine timing, Conor would almost certainly be destroyed by Floyd in a boxing ring. Floyd himself would be completely lost in a fight that included kicks and ground fighting.

Floyd would never agree to an MMA fight, but Conor McGregor is crazy enough (and confident enough) to take a boxing match against arguably the greatest defensive boxer in the sport’s history. At this point, I’d guess this fight has a 50% chance of actually happening and that’s terrifying.

Anyway, I’d imagine the fight would look a lot like this Punch Out!! parady. It gets plenty right:

— Conor tiring in the second round then miraculously finding a second wind.

— Conor hitting like a freight train.

— Floyd hugging a lot.

— Floyd being practically impossible to hit clean.

Yep, the real fight has a damn good chance of being exactly like this.



    But seriously, Floyd will absolutely kill McGregor in a proper boxing match. McGregor is great at UFC, but his standup boxing game isn’t as good, his duration isn’t likely to hold out either. It’s gonna be interesting if they ever go toe to toe (I doubt it, Mayweathers being a bitch).

    • Yeah, Floyd is going to be pretty much impossible for Connor to hit cleanly. Connor will tire himself out trying to get through the defences. I think the fight would be fairer if they used MMA rules but without using legs and without going to the ground.

        • Yep. The way Floyd is, I cannot see him accepting to fight anyone at this point that he is not 100% confident he can beat. He’s not going to risk 49-0 just for the money. And it’s not like anyone is really going to think any less of him for not taking on McGregor. If the fight happens, I’m going to be betting my life savings on Floyd. Easy money.

  • Anyway, I’d imagine the fight would look a lot like this Punch Out!! parady

    A parady is kind of like a parody… but with more parades!

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