Counter-Strike Pro Wins Epic Shootout Against The Entire Enemy Team 

Counter-Strike Pro Wins Epic Shootout Against The Entire Enemy Team 

Team Liquid should have lost to Team EnVyUs well before the game’s eventual ending scoreline of 25-21. But Josh “jdm64” Marzano had other plans, including mowing down the entire enemy team as the last man standing.

After watching his teammate get shredded right in front of him, jdm64 managed to get payback for his fallen captain, Spencer “Hiko” Martin, before moving on to pick off the rest of the French squad. EnVyUs didn’t help matters by staggering their assault, but even so, the odds in a four-man onslaught never favoured jdm64. Two lightning quick snipes, a flash bang over the top, rinse and repeat.

The ELEAGUE Major 2017 kicked-off today with a number of blowouts. The biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament since last fall featuring a $US1,000,000 ($1,323,700) prize pool saw teams ranging from Astralis to Fnatic suffer lopsided defeats at the hands of challenger teams.

But Team Liquid was not among them, delivering the a close-fought nail-biter that ended up going into triple-overtime. thanks to jdm64’s godlike handling of his AWP sniper rifle and leftover flash bangs. In the rounds that followed, Liquid pressed EnVyUs with everything they had. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be enough, with jdm64 and his team eventually joining the day’s other losers in the bottom half of the table.

It was a moment of brilliance he’ll be at great pains to recreate at any point going forward in the tournament. At least for the rest of us though, there’ll always be the replays.


  • Not to take it away from JDM cos the guys got skills but… No real surprise, using Awp you literally just need to shoot in the general direction of the enemy and it kills them, and that became much more pronounced from Source to CSGO that its laughable these days.
    People used to get up in arms about jump scouting, but the miss kills from an AWP have always been the biggest issue with CS, and i say that as a CS fan.

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