Custom Titanfall LEGO Is Great

There's a lot to love about Titanfall 2, but one of the best things is the design of the game's mechs. And while we wait for expensive action figures to hit, we can pass the time with these awesome LEGO models built by Marius Herrmann.

Via makers, Herrmann has recreated many of the game's signature Titans in LEGO form, including the star of the campaign/my 2017, BT.

I write about video games, I'm not a toy company executive, but it seems to me like this should be something I should be able to order on the internet then build at home, not just admire from afar.


    You can order individual pieces of Lego straight from the company so if the person who made these released their plans, it'd totally be doable.

    Betting they are much more dangerous in their unassembled forms on the bedroom floor

    Good detail for such small figures.

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