Daddy Bowser Is Adorable

Image: Nintendo

Nothing today will be cuter than Daddy Bowser stopping Baby Bowser from playing Mario Kart.

Something that wasn't announced during the Nintendo Switch presentation was the range of parental controls available for the Switch. According to the video, which wasn't uploaded by the official Nintendo account but looks too bang on to ignore, Nintendo will have a separate app that you can use to control your child's play time.

Image: YouTube (Nintendo/TYTYGH)
Image: YouTube (Nintendo/TYTYGH)

It's a cool app and all, but the real fun of the video is watching Daddy Bowser at work.

He's so cute.

Image: YouTube (Nintendo/TYTYGH)

He's really worried about Baby Bowser having fun.

Image: YouTube (Nintendo/TYTYGH)

"Knowing what kind of games your child likes to play makes it easier to talk to them," the voice-over says.

Image: YouTube (Nintendo/TYTYGH)

Goddamit Nintendo.

Why did you have to make Bowser adorable. He's not that arsehole who takes all your stars in Mario Party. He's just a real concerned dad.

Although the part where he has Peach as his smartphone background is a bit creeper territory.

Image: YouTube (Nintendo/TYTYGH)

You can view the full video below, at least for as long as it's up.


    Below? Happy Friday the 13th

    Sorry! It's in there now. I've been having dinner and trying to type on the phone and it's a bit ugh

    It's pretty solid functionality! Hopefully the kind of system which allows them to be more giving with online connectivity.

    Although, with this, and with the party app for joining/chat/voice, it seems like a lot of the systems have been outsourced from the main device. I wonder if that allows the thing to run games more efficiently (less OS overhead).

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