Dark Souls III's New DLC Is Lit

It's literally 'lit'. There is a boss fight in this DLC. He is lit.

There's a lot of fire here. It looks super good.

But I'm also a little sad. If this game truly is the last Dark Souls title, then there is no more Dark Souls. Considering it's one of my favourite video game series of all time, that's upsetting.

Can't wait to see what From Software does next.


    It might be for the best that there will be no more Dark Souls.

    I mean, I loved 3 enough to platinum it, but it does feel like the fire is fading, especially after the 1st DLC. Please From, not another three stage boss fight FFS.

      Totally agree. Fighting the same boss three times doesn't make up for the lack of bosses in that first DLC. Here's hoping the Ringed City is a bit more like Bloodborne Old Hunters

    Well Demons Soul turned into Dark Souls, so is this the last Dark Souls game or the last Souls game...

    What everyone else said. I might be the last of the Souls ip, but I doubt its the last game they're making in the Souls genre.

    Also Nioh is shaping up to be fantastic, so it looks like the genre has its own momentum now.

    Must admit they do know how to make an epic boss battle

    Very pretty game, thought it was the hunger games logo at the start of the video :P

    I just hope they don't get snapped up by Sony and contracted to make Bloodborne sequels exclusive to their platform. I would love to play that game, I just don't have the console.

    I wouldn't necessarily be shattered if the Dark Souls series ended, but I would be pretty damn upset if they dropped the format. I'm keen for Space Souls!

    New DLC yay!

    Realisation that Souls will disappear, sad times.

    People need to stop with the Souls disappearing talk, its possible but not definite. Miyazaki stated he personally doesnt want to do another Souls game, that doesn't stop From Software from making one. 5 years from now Miyazaki could direct another. Bloodborne 2 is sure as shit in development.

    Ringed City trailer had me feeling a bit underwhelmed BUT after looking at the screenshots I'm actually far more excited, more than I was for Ariandel. Its going to be longer too.

    After we get BB2, we might not have any Souls for some years, but its not dead.

    Although it's said to be the last Dark Souls it's not necessarily going to be the last game in that universe.

    I'm hoping for something from the early days honestly, but from the perspective of a demon that's trying to wipe out humanity at its peak.

    Or it could even be something to tie in Bloodborne and Demon Souls, that would be pretty cool.

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